Free ASMR - A Community Project

Free ASMR is our 4th community project – where we create a large ASMR sample library together with you and the rest of our community.  8Dio will provide 50% of all the samples in the library and the community will provide the rest.


All we ask is that you create 5 ASMR sounds and send them to us – and in return you will receive the entire sample library for free.  8Dio will edit, program and design the entire library with user-interface and everything else.

Here is a couple of examples from our ASMR experimental sessions.


How does the collaboration work?

The “Free ASMR” library will be the first large scale collaborative ASMR library of its kind, similar to our other community collaborations such as Free YouFree Angels & Free Radicals; it will feature a range of sounds submitted from the amazing 8Dio community as well sounds from the 8Dio team. The sounds will then be curated, packaged and gifted as a full library to everyone that took part.

Sounds awesome! How do I get involved?

Getting involved is easy, all you need to do is follow the guidelines below and record some unique and interesting ASMR based sounds:


  • Submissions must be sent to with the subject: ASMR Entry – [Full Name]

  • Submissions must include 5 or more ASMR audio files.

  • Files must be .wav, 24bit, 48kHz, Stereo or Mono.

  • Include a little backstory for each sound – for example, what inspired you, where and how did you record each sound, how does each sound make you feel?

  • Files should be named in the following format: ASMR_[CreatorName]_[SoundName].wav

    • If applicable the Pitch/Key and Tempo of the sound should be included in the filename e.g ASMR_JohnSmith_RainGuitar_C_120bpm.wav

  • The recordings can be as short, or as long as you like. We recommend submitting varying lengths and styles of sounds if possible. 

  • While ASMR thrives on the raw acoustic properties of sound, some post-processing, and sound design may be required to truly bring your creations to life. 

    • Please feel free to EQ, Process, DeNoise, add Effects etc. as required.

  • While not required, we encourage all participants to video and upload their ASMR adventures. If you do, please make sure to tag us and use the following hashtags (#FreeASMR #ASMR #8Dio #Lov8), as well as include a link to your video in your e-mail submission.
  • Submission deadline: 09/30/2019

Once completed the library will be sent for free to all participants.

So, what is ASMR?

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is the feeling you get from particular visual or aural stimuli, although it varies from person to person, it is generally triggered by soft, quiet sounds. The latest trends of ASMR videos are recorded to trigger this response, giving a feeling of relaxation and slight euphoria. Now with your help, we are creating a whole library of sounds which aim to re-create this feeling. 


Check out Troels’ ASMR experiments in the videos below:

By submitting an entry, you acknowledge and agree that 8Dio can process, edit and redistribute the submitted audio files.