8Dio Philanthropy


In the spirit of the season of giving

We want to thank all our customer’s for all you have given throughout the year. When a single 8Dio product is purchased, many charities are benefitting. When you are a customer of 8Dio, you are engaging in philanthropy without even knowing it. We have been giving annually to charities since the beginning and we have plans to give back even more every year. Philanthropy and humanitarian efforts have become one of the pillars of 8Dio’s operations.


Notably, the trip to the Amazon in Ecuador, Quito and the Galapagos this past summer was incredible. 8Dio sponsored 2 children on a recent trip with Free The Children and Pledge To Humanity. While there we met and lived with indigenous people and helped build a school for one of several very poor villages. We learned about the problems that have plagued the most essential Amazon Rain Forest.

I was most impressed with our guide, David and his story. His deepest wish was to go to college and learn how to help his people and help the Amazon. What happens in the Amazon effects us all. I saw a spark in David, the kind that has potential to do great things. The same spark I see in many of our customers. 8Dio decided to make his dream come true. David has been attending University since September 2016 and is currently doing very well.


In January 2017, I am travelling to Mexico to assist in humanitarian efforts with children. In June, we will travel to Kenya on another life changing work trip to help build school, water infrastructure to learn about life there.

My favorite thing about giving and humanitarian work is observing and LISTENING to people and sounds of the area. I’ll be sure to blog about our upcoming adventures and your contributions to world causes.


I am happy to report that we have contributed over $100,000 towards the causes below in the past 18 months. Your support and purchases make a remarkable difference in this world and we cannot thank you enough.

With love, light and music, Tawnia