Battling Writers Block Pt 1

Battling Writers Block Pt 1

If you struggle with writer’s block, don’t get discouraged, you’re not alone. This happens to everyone at some point, and it can be easier to overcome then you think. We have compiled some helpful tips and strategies to help you overcome writer's block and start writing more music!

Start with a piano sketch.

One of the more basic ways is to get over writer's block is to start with an instrument that can handle both the Harmony, Melody, and Ostinatos all within the same Midi Clip. Creating a piano sketch of your entire song structure gives you a map that you can follow during the orchestration process. When you write with a limited number of instruments you are not worried about the orchestration, you are just jotting down ideas and arranging them into the outline of your song like this.


Once you have finished the arrangement, you know exactly what you are orchestrating.

Play around.

Sometimes sounds can trigger inspiration, loading up some of your libraries whether they be Organic or Synthetic just opening one of your libraries and just playing with it is a great way to spark up some inspiration. Our Blendstrument series is great for this because you can load up any patch and click the randomize button over and over and over again and you will get new textures and rhythms every time you click.

Changing Your Expectations

When you sit down with the mindset of making the next biggest track, or just thinking you are going to make an epic sounding track (without specifics) you end up setting your expectations extremely high and it is very hard to push past the idea stage and just write creatively. If you lower your standards or change your expectations to writing with the intent to just getting your ideas out or just experimenting knowing you can always change things later it can help you write more fluently.

Focus more on fun and experimentation less on perfection.

Try Writing Something That You Wouldn’t Normally Write.

If you are an artist that just writes Huge Epic Trailer music or more Classical music, stepping outside your comfort zone and writing music that you don’t normally write is a great way to draw inspiration from other genera’s and create something new.

Try your hand at Swing music or maybe a String Quartet. Not only will it get you experimenting but also it will increase your musical vocabulary.

Eliminate distractions

Removing distractions like the Internet, Cell Phones and Netflix can dramatically increase productivity. It can be difficult to focus on writing music and coming up with new ideas when you are distracted by