Is EDU For you?


Support Blog - 8Dio How To Series.

Welcome to a new series of our blog posts, in this post we shall be focusing on Support questions, queries, concerns and tips on how to get the best from our FAQ and Support.

With this new Series, you will be able to take advantage of your instruments from a simple re-download to really getting the best from the library with little hints and tips. We'll guide you through general questions to the more tricky support queries.

If you have any support topics you want us to focus on, please don't hesitate to comment below. We'll make sure that everything is covered so you can get the best from your purchase. With any queries not picked, we can send our Guru across to you and get you the help you need.

"8Dio How To Support Series" walks you through how we here at 8Dio can assist you with any queries but to also find you the answers quickly and easily.

We will be updating and handing out advice to our 8Dio Family and showing you the best way to correct and fix every aspect of our instruments, from broken UI's to simply re-downloading.

Is EDU For You?

We currently offer educational discounts of anywhere up to 30% on a majority of our products to qualifying individuals. However, due to the high amount of requests we can only offer the EDU discounts to full ­time college/university students or teachers that are enrolled in a full time music program. If you fulfil these requirements, please send us a copy of your student or teacher ID, as well as a letter from your college/university confirming your current enrolment. Please note that EDU purchased products cannot be used for commercial purposes or combined with any other discounts or on going sales at the time.

What do I need to give you??

With all requests, we will need some additional information from yourself first before we can proceed. A copy of your student card or a passport/Drivers License and also a letter of enrolment confirmation from your Head Lecturer.

What instruments can I use the discount on?

The EDU Discount can be applied to any 8Dio Instruments. This excludes any instruments that are currently on sale or any discounts that are currently running. You have a choice of over 200 instruments ranging from beautiful Orchestral Strings to our ever popular Hybrid Tools Series.

When shall I receive my amazing EDU Code?

Once we have verified the details that you have sent into Support, we can then issue you with our unique EDU Code that can be used more than once throughout your semester.

This is how it works:
1. Add the product(s) to your shopping cart
2. Type discount code in the discount field in the cart
3. Update the cart.
4. Poof! Magic Time!

As with all our EDU Codes, we do update this regularly, so if the code is not working for you, please get back in touch through Support and we'll send out a new one.

Can I use the instruments out with, commercially?

All EDU purchased products cannot be used for commercial purposes or combined with any other on going discounts. You can find more information below with the following links -


We hope you have enjoyed the latest edition of our new 8Dio How To Series. Please don't hesitate to get in touch and we hope we can keep pushing great content your way.

- Team 8Dio