A Message From The Founders of 8Dio

Dear 8Dio Worldwide Family,

First and foremost, we hope you are home and well - surrounded by loved ones. In this time of unpredictability, the world needs care, empathy, and music more than ever. We want to focus on supporting you - our beautiful and creative community. You, our loyal customers and collaborators, mean everything to us, and your health and well-being is our highest priority during the uncertain months to come.

Though borders, countries, and cities separate us, there is one thing that will keep us together - and that is the desire to heal ourselves and the world through the raw, magical and uplifting power of music creation.

8Dio has spent two decades producing an original and diverse deep-sampled catalog of instruments. We are going to make it our commitment to inspire you as much as possible through these challenging times. We have every intention of growing together with you, while our respective teams are working from home and keeping their social distance (or social resistance as we like to call it).

We are very aware of what is going on - and we are working overtime to bring you more frequent tutorials, educational materials, a series of new worldwide contests and collaborations, including a technology we’ve been working on for eight years.

You will also see an ongoing stream of new and free “On The House” products. We are quickly mobilizing to release a wide selection of new high-quality deep-sampled products at the lowest price possible.

Also, 8Dio will be helping and supporting the elderly, the vulnerable - both by helping to shop, run errands, donating to good causes, and other in-need communities. We encourage everyone to buy gift certificates for specialty shops, boutiques, restaurants, and all the other services we rely on every day, so they too can get through these difficult times.

We’ll get through this together. We are a resilient community, and our music shall serve as a beacon of hope through it all.

In Love, Light, and Music,

Tawnia and Troels and the entire 8Dio Collaborative