Previewing Advanced Guitar Series

Previewing Advanced Guitar Series

We take our advanced guitar series: Guitalele for a preview

The library is one of the hardest things to sample is guitar/lute based instruments. One of the reasons is due to the fact there is a lot of legato and hammer action that goes across the frets, which requires intricate interval (legato) sampling. But its also due to the fact that these instruments are most commonly strummed too. Our upcoming Advanced Guitar Series are founded in sampling both these approaches into one singular instrument, so whether you need to play advanced solos with complete fluent playability or you have advanced chord and strum patterns - we've got your back. We did a quick live walk-through of our upcoming Advanced Guitar Series: Guitalele and are showcasing both the legato and strumming features.

Check out just how nimble, fast and playable the instrument is around 02:00 for solo and legato type of playing.

Around 8:40 you can see and hear our new strum-engine in all its glory.

It allows you to virtually create any rhythm and any chord you want and at any dynamic preferred. You can hear both the solo and strummer play together around 9:40. We can't wait to share more! Cheers!