What is next for 8Dio?

What is next for 8Dio?

The largest catalogue of deep-sampled instruments for Kontakt is growing. 

We are committed to continuing expanding the Kontakt catalogue and have over 20 new deep-sampled Kontakt libraries completed, which will be released throughout the year.

The first library to be released is our brand new Deep Quintet Strings (DQS).

DQS is the first library ever to feature true 9-way round robin legato for strings. This extensive set of legato capabilities allows for repeated patterns back and forth between the same notes, which is the most common movement in music.

Current generation of legato technologies triggers the same samples every-time a user plays back and forth, which creates a somewhat monotonous feel (aka machine gun effect).

We spent two years in prototyping, building- and ultra deep-sample legatos to now feature a 9-way round-robin system. 

The new legato offers everyone the ability to play repeated patterns back and forth, while retaining the natural feel and variation of a real performer.  It makes a big difference.

Here is an exposed real-time of the Deep Quintet Strings using true 9-way round robin.