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  1. mtvray@gmail.com
    5 out of 5

    A new standard for stringsAnother fantastic library from 8DIO.
    The library covers all corners of string writing and is great for both pop, rock and soundtrack stuff.
    Also cool how you can select the exact amount of players you want for any section. XXXXX

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  2. bloodmoon_kr@naver.com
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    It's the best string instrument.This instrument provides the precise sound that modern composers want. There are already too many string instruments for classical film music. This is a unique string instrument that can be used in a pop song.

    8Dio, you made a monster. You have to focus on this amazing product!
    I have already made a lot of songs using this product. No one knows that my song is MIDI. But I am more greedy.
    Please make some expansion pack or next version. (We need Controllable vibrato, adjustable staccato, con sordino legato, legato speed controller, various scale runs, and more pop articulations)

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  3. piotrlabonarski@gmail.com
    4 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Amazing (with one exception)Recently I was in a middle of a project, my job was to write pieces resembling traditional folk music from my country with addition of minimalistic, contemporary themes, rythms and arragements.

    Despite the fact that I have great string libraries already, I found myself stuck between all of them with a director whining about the sound, described as "too big and symphonic". Sure, that is what he wanted in a first place, but as we probably all know - these needs change quicker than in a blink of an eye :)

    Nevertheless - I had to deliver or quit, as I become extremally frustrated with my inability to find The Sound. My old trick, which is using only close mikes of orchestral libraries, wasn't working at all anymore - you could hear reverberation bleeding in anyway and, most importantly, close mikes in almost all libraries are rather poor, as they are designed to support tree mikes, while sounding weak and narrow on their own, often in almost dead mono.

    Just before quitting I made a leap of faith and bought these Intimate Strings. And they solved my problems, made me believe in the project again!

    The sound is... well, as described - intimate. No bleeding reverb. No "bigness". (And that's good.) No multiple faders for multiple mike positions. Just one knob - wanna make it "in your face" - turn it left. More distant - turn it right. Make it bigger - add players to sections. In any way you can. 5 violins and one bass - got it. 1 violin, 1 viola, 2 celli, 2 basses - sure, can do, why not. Game changing feature! Sections in their half-sizes are recorded separately - it's one of the very few libs that allows you to create your own, real divisi sections. A-MA-ZING. Even more - sections seem to be recorded not "in situ", but fully wide - then it's up to you, where do you want to sit them, using eg. combined stereo panner, like S1. And as there's no reverb in the samples - moving them as you want won't result in odd, phasey artifacts of room sound moving along with them unnaturally in stereo field. Then - you want to make it even more spacious - add a reverb OF YOU CHOICE - you are no longer bound by developers' choice of a venue. Or don't do it at all - you really have this Hermann-ish, Richter-ish vibe to them, if that's what you want. Amazing flexibility in this library - you are totally free to mix it in a way you want, making them chamber strings, pop strings, small quartet, contemporary band... And if you don't want to mix too much - they sound great out of the box.

    Legato is more than decent, very believable. Arcs, as usually in 8dio's products, are amazing tool in creating realistic mock-ups. All articulations are consistent between the instruments, so creating an Expression Map (custom keyswitches in Cubase) for them was quicker than anything else, extremally simply, tidy and functional.

    There's only one thing that is stopping me from calling this library The One To Rule Them (Small) All - short articulations. Don't get me wrong - they're great for what they're designed - I could instantly hear "When I ruled the world" while playing them, but... well. While I could imagine all other articulations sound great in multiple scenarios, shorts are VERY short and somehow feel overprocessed. Very pop-like, stabby, synthy sound, and very hard to make it work in more contemporary/classical arragement. There are two shorts - staccato and spicato, but the difference between them is almost unhearable. If there was just an option to stretch them a little bit, let them resonate more... or have ability to choose between more traditional, "loose" shorts and having pop shorts as "tight", something like that. It would be perfect, just perfect.

    While this shortcoming may be painful for me, other people may find it irrelevant, and overall - Intimate Studio String are extremally flexible, great sounding product worth every dollar you pay for it. Highly recommended!

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  4. tibetanpunk@gmail.com
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    The string library I have been waiting for as an acoustic guitar player!This is a fantastic string library. I have what is probably a moderately unhealthy addiction to string libraries, but this one feels like it is the one I have been looking for all of this time.
    My main style of music is based around finger picked acoustic guitar and vocals, and with the more orchestral focused string libraries I have found that while great sounding, the sound is too big, 'epic', or too lush and 'cinematic'.
    Either that, or they were very detailed sounding solo instruments. It was always a struggle to get the strings sitting just where I wanted them in the mix. The orchestral libraries always seemed to dominant unless automated to play at very low velocities.
    Out of the box these strings sound great, but where this library really shines is with the ability to change the number of players per instrument. It makes a massive difference in the mixing and allows for a level of control that was not previously possible with the other libraries that I have.
    Really nice legato and portamento transitions as well. I am sure that I will be using this library a lot for my personal music productions.
    Recommended if you are after a more intimate sounding string library for more band oriented music and pop/rock productions.

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