Majestica 2.0


  • Price: $398 
  • Kontakt VST/ AU / AAX
  • 25+GB Installed (21,767 Samples)
  • 3 Microphone Positions (Mixed, Decca & Far)
  • 100 Piece Orchestral String Section
  • 60 Piece Orchestral Brass Section
  • 60 Piece Orchestral Woodwind Section
  • 20 Piece Orchestral Percussion Section
  • Product only available as Direct Download
  • Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.8 (or later) Required

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  • Majestica 2.0 Walkthrough

    Majestica 2.0 Walkthrough

  • Majestica Strings

    Majestica Strings

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    Majestica Brass

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    Majestica Woodwinds

  • Majestica Percussion

    Majestica Percussion

Majestica 2.0 overview

Majestica 2.0 is the same Majestica you know and love, but better! It has been upgraded to our new user friendly Century UI. We have also included our Polyphonic Legato and TM Pro Arcs in this iconic library.

Majestica is produced by Academy Award, TEC and G.A.N.G Award Winning Composer and Producer, Troels Folmann and Emmy Nominated Composer and Orchestrator, Colin O’Malley. Majestica is the largest symphony orchestra ever sampled containing over 240 players divided over strings (100), brasses (60), woodwinds (60) and percussion (20).

Derived from our exclusive V8P sample catalogue – Majestica is designed for composers and producers that desires the ultimate, unrivaled epic symphonic sound. We spared no expense and it stands unrivaled on the market as the ultimate epic orchestral production tool.

Majestica was recorded in the same large world-class orchestral hall used for exclusive V8P series and 8Dio CAGE, AGE and Lacrimosa Epic Choir – and contains 96Khz, 3 microphone positions (Mixed, Decca and Far).  The UI system for Majestica was built from scratch and contains over 35.000 lines of code giving you the ultimate experience in ease, flexibility, and playability.

String Theory

Majestica holds a massive 100 piece String Ensemble spread across basses, cellos, violas and violins. The string section contains true legato, regular and fast type of spiccato, marcato, bartok, con legno, expressive dynamic bowings (aka arcs).. The Majestica String Ensemble can both be soft like silk and intergalactically powerful. The bass (30) and cellos (30) sections are the largest ever sampled and the gorgeous, airy sound by the (20) violas and (20) violins just makes the entire string section stringtastic.

Powerful Percussion

Majestica contains a 20 piece percussion ensemble, which takes your boom to the next dimension. The percussion section contains dedicated tom-tom ensembles, gran-casa ensembles, timpany ensembles to major snare ensembles, tambourine, anvil and stick ensembles. We also recorded cymbals, tam-tam and gong ensembles. In addition we created percussion master patches and sound designed super percussion that will pierce through any epic mix and it all just works … straight out of the box.

Majestic Brass

Majestica contains a 60 piece brass ensemble, which is the largest ever sampled in the history of sampling. Players from six different countries were flown to the scoring stage to participate. The brass ensemble consists of 10 Cimbassos, 10 Bass Trombones, 30 French Horns and 10 Trumpets. The sound is not just bigger then anything you have ever heard – it is also different. The Majestica brass ensemble contains all the core building blocks you need from sustains to staccato, marcato to expressive arcs etc.

Whirling Winds

Majestica contains two separate woodwind sections. A low woodwind section comprised of 15 bass clarinets and 15 contra bassoons. A high woodwind section comprised of 10 alto flutes, 10 flutes and 10 piccolo flutes. The sound of the low ensemble is unbelievable rich and fat – and the sound of the high woodwind ensemble can penetrate even the beefiest of mixes. The woodwinds contains both sustains, staccatissimo, double tongue, expressive arcs, trills (min/maj), gorgeous marcato etc.

Hyper Flexible UI

Majestica contains a whole new-generation of user interface (UI) flexibility. The UI alone contains over 35.000 lines of code and contains a variety of new features, including an advanced articulation browser with assignable controls, articulation sequencer, advanced arpeggiator and polyphonic step sequencer. In addition Majestica contains advanced midi and remapping functions – allowing the end-user to control anything from round robin to tuning.

  • Full (100 piece) String Ensemble Legato:
    • Legato
    • Legato Med I
    • Legato Med II
    • Legato Strong
    • Legato Marcato
  • Full (100 piece) String Ensemble Sustains and Arcs:
    • Sustain MW XFade
    • Power Sustains
    • Dynamic Bowing / Arc P-F-P
    • Dynamic Bowing / Arc MP-FF-MP
    • Dynamic Bowing / Arc F-FFF-F
    • Dynamic Bowing / Arc Short MP-F-MP
  • Full (100 piece) String Ensemble Short Notes:
    • Spiccato Normal
    • Spiccato Fast (on bow)
    • Marcato
    • Con Legno
    • Bartok Pizzicato
  • Full (60 piece) Brass Ensemble Sustains and Arcs:
    • Sustains MW XFade
    • Power Sustains MW XFade
    • Power Muted MW XFade
    • Arc P-MF-P
    • Arc -P-F-P
    • Arc Short
  • Full (60 piece)  Brass Ensemble Short Notes:
    • Staccato
    • Staccatissismo
    • Marcato
    • Muted Marcato
  • Full (60 piece) Brass Ensemble Effects
    • Swoops/Rips
    • Bends Up
    • Bends Down
    • Savage Hits
    • Savage Phrases
    • Breaths
  • Full (30 piece) High Woodwind Ensemble Sustains and Arcs:
    • Sustains
    • Power Sustains
    • Arc P-F-P
    • Arc F-FF-F
    • Flutter Tongue
    • Minor Trills
    • Major Trills
  • Full (30 piece) High Woodwind Ensemble Short Notes:
    • Staccatissimo
    • Double Tongue
    • Marcato
  • Full (30 piece) Low Woodwind Ensemble Sustains and Arcs:
    • Sustain MW XFade
    • Power Sustains XFade
    • Arc P-MF-P
    • Arc MF-F-MF
  • Full (30 piece) Low Woodwind Ensemble Short Notes:
    • Staccatissimo
    • Double Tongue
    • Slap Notes
    • Marcato
  • Full (30 piece) Low Woodwind Ensemble FX:
    • Savage Phrases Up
    • Savage Phrases Down
  • Full (20 piece) Low Percussion Ensemble:
    • Tom Tom Ensemble
    • Gran Casa Ensemble
    • Timpani Hits Ensemble
    • Timpani Rolls Ensemble
    • Timpani Crescendo Ensemble
  • Full (20 piece) High Percussion Ensemble:
    • Small Snare Ensemble
    • Large Snare Ensemble
    • Tambourine Ensemble
    • Anvils Ensemble
    • Sticks / Slaps Ensemble
  • Full (20 piece) Cymbals Percussion Ensemble:
    • Cymbals Ensemble
    • Cymbal Scratches Ensemble
    • Tam Tam Ensemble
    • Small Gongs Ensemble
    • Large Gongs Ensemble
  • Master Percussion Ensemble (all ensembles in one mega-patch)
  • Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.8 or later required
  • Not compatible with Free Kontakt Player
  • 41.6GB HDD (compressed to 23.5GB)
  • Ability to download
  • PC 2.4GZ+, 8GB ram
  • MAC 2.6Ghz, 8GB ram