Sequential Prophet X/XL Add-On 9 Juno 60

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  • Price: $48
  • Deep-Sampled Custom Patches Using The Juno 60
  • Captured From Analog Source
  • 16 Programs featuring A/B Modes (32 preset layers)
  • Perfectly Maintained Original Hardware
  • 1.1 GB Download Uncompressed
  • Product only available as Direct Download
  • Prophet X or XL Hardware Synth Required
  • The Prophet X or XL must be running OS (v2.1) or higher. The latest Operating System can be found HERE
  • ** Not compatible with Kontakt

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Sequential Prophet X/XL Add-On 9 Juno 60 overview

We are incredibly excited to announce our ninth Official Add-On pack for the Prophet X, & Prophet XL Hardware Synthesizer, The Juno 60. 

The decade of rewinding VCR’s to watch Bladerunner and Tron show you all new worlds again and endlessly unspooled cassette tapes. It’s 1982, and you’re just a pizza delivery boy armed with a walkman, hightops and a vague promise from Jenny that she’ll be your prom date. But none of that matters, because your shift ends in five minutes and you’re heading to the arcade to defend that high score. 

This decade brought us some of the most famous cult classics and generated an era of fandom also brought us many revolutionary Synthesizers. Very few synthesizers have stood the test of time as well as the Juno series. With original units still in circulation and being brought on the road for live performances to this very day. 

The main appeal of the Juno series and specifically the Juno 60 was its digitally controlled oscillators, allowing for greater pitch stability and reliability compared to its voltage-controlled counterparts. The fidelity, coupled with its six-voice polyphony made the Juno an ideal performers instrument, perfect for the touring musician just as much as the studio producer. 

Other than its defining polyphonic sound capabilities, the Juno series overall simplicity in design allowed for immediate hands-on control over the most crucial tonal aspects. Controls such as dual filters, the three independently selectable waveforms, pulse width modulation, noise oscillator and the variable LFO modulation routings made this iconic synthesizer an industry staple. Featured and heard in many of the decades most iconic charting classics, from “Material Girl” to “Take On Me”.

The Juno series is most notably known for the sound of its fixed onboard chorus effect. The now-infamous dual Chorus has been mimicked, replicated and admired since its first release. The two choruses could be triggered independently, each one offering vastly different default tonal qualities, or to those wanting to delve even deeper, could be triggered simultaneously offering a distinctive character like no other. 

Now you can combine the original raw and processed sounds of this classic keyboard with the latest features of your Prophet X or Prophet XL, including additional polyphony, advanced modulation routings and program splitting and stacking. 

Stay tuned for more exclusive Prophet X & XL add-ons. We hope you enjoy this authentic vintage experience on your Prophet X & XL.

*Roland® (Juno 60) is a registered trademark of the Roland Corporation.

Juno 60 Instruments:

  • Pluck Chorus
  • Pluck Chorus Sat
  • Pluck Pulse
  • Pluck Pulse Sat
  • Pulse Chorus 1
  • Pulse Chorus 2
  • Pulse Chorus LFO
  • Pulse Chorus Sat
  • Pulse Sub
  • Pulse Sub Chorus 1
  • Pulse Sub Chorus 2
  • Pulse Sub Chorus 3
  • Pulse Warble
  • PWM Pluck
  • PWM Pluck Sat
  • PWM Swell
  • PWM Swell Sat
  • Saw
  • Saw Pluck
  • Saw Pluck Sat
  • Saw Pulse
  • Saw Pulse Sat
  • Saw Pulse Sub
  • Saw Sat
  • Square
  • Square Sat
  • Sub
  • Sub Chorus
  • Sub Sat
  • Tight Chorus
  • Tight Chorus Sat
  • Noise

Bank A2 (P1-16)

  • A2/1 – Rave Bass A & B
  • A2/2 – Tite Bass A & B
  • A2/3 – Glam Bass A & B
  • A2/4 – 1982 Bass A & B
  • A2/5 – Raid Pad A & B
  • A2/6 – Chase Pad A & B
  • A2/7 – Arcade Pad A & B
  • A2/8 – Moodo Pad A & B
  • A2/9 – Navi Arp A & B
  • A2/10 – Flight Arp A & B
  • A2/11 – Racer Arp A & B
  • A2/12 – Cave Arp A & B
  • A2/13 – Supa Stab A & B
  • A2/14 – Chia Stab & B
  • A2/15 – Rich Stab A & B
  • A2/16 – Old Stab A & B
  • Perfectly captured through pristine analog signal path
  • Resolution: 16 bit / 48 kHz (Down-Sampled from 24 bit / 96 kHz)
  • All core oscillators sampled raw chromatically across all keys
  • 32 Deep-Sampled Original Instruments
  • 16 Hand Designed and Stackable Presets with A/B Modes