Sequential Prophet X/XL Mapping Utility


  • Price: $FREE 
  • Official Prophet X Series Mapping Utility
  • Use your own samples with the Prophet X series
  • Program custom sample sets
  • Mac/PC Compatible
  • 8MB Download
  • Direct download / Cloud Server System
  • Product only available as Direct Download
  • Prophet X or XL Hardware Synth Required
  • The Prophet X or XL must be running OS (v2.1) or higher. The latest operating system can be found HERE
  • ** Not compatible with Kontakt

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Sequential Prophet X/XL Mapping Utility overview

The Prophet X and Prophet XL provide two fully independent, stereo sample based instruments per voice (up to 4 in Stack/Split mode). Samples can be manipulated through various onboard modulation, sample stretching, in-depth loop controls, tone shaping, a vast array on board effects and of course a true stereo analog low-pass filter.

With the free 8Dio Mapping Utility you are now able to import your very own samples into the Prophet X or XL.

While 8Dio continues to offer an ever-growing range of Official Add-On Packs, the Mapping Utility is a great way for you to incorporate your older recordings into this modern classic.

The workflow has been designed so that you can directly import, assign, adjust mapping and label your own sample-sets, ready for loading in to your Prophet X or XL.

The Mapping Utility

The Mapping Utility has a familiar and user friendly layout. All the core features and options necessary to fully map your samples for use within the Prophet X and Prophet XL are organised in a single Utility window. 

From here you can import compatible sample files, audition them, map them, stretch their ranges and assign them to various banks and categories in order to create your very own unique and custom sample-sets.

Mapping Even Faster

With a streamlined workflow the Mapping Utility is designed to prepare your samples for the Prophet X/XL. Simply locate your desired samples and check they are compatible. Import your samples into the Mapping Utility by using the Import button or by dragging and dropping the files into the Item List. Drag your sample(s) to the Mapping window, or you can utilise the Auto mapping feature which does the hard work for you.

After your samples are mapped you can name and categorize them. This defines where your samples are found once installed into the Prophet X/XL as well as how they appear on screen.

The Last Prophet 5

The Last Prophet 5 is our first official Add-On for the Sequential Prophet X and XL analog hardware synthesizers. We had the pleasure of deep-sampling the last Prophet 5 ever made, which is also Dave Smiths personal unit (unit number 6427 / rev 1.3).  We sampled every single program in the highest fidelity possible. The samples not only cover all the original patches, but also raw oscillators in different states (eg. Pulse 1-3, Saw, Sawtooth, Saw 5ths, Square, Sync 1-2, Triangle, Triangle Dirty, Noise 1-2, Noise Circuit, Noise HPF etc). The end-result is a true life-like experience and the most accurate sample representation of the Prophet 5.

The CP70 Electric Grand Piano

The CP70 Electric Grand Piano is our second official Add-On for the Sequential Prophet X and XL analog hardware synthesizers. The famous electric piano is similar to a normal piano, except that the vibration of the strings is converted by pickups, similar to that of an electric guitar allowing for a pristine D.I signal. The CP-70 Add-On contains both standard Sustains as well as Short (Staccato) notes with multiple Repetitions (Round Robin). All Sustain samples were recorded with both Pedal Up and Pedal Down positions to allow for true sympathetic resonance.

Other Add-On Packs

We also offer a variety of other add-on packs, including the rare Prophet T8, an Arp 2600, the Oberheim OBX, a Jupiter 4, Juno 60, Prodigy, Model D, CP-70 and many others.

  • Sequential Prophet X or XL hardware synthesizer
  • The Prophet X or XL must be running OS (v2.1) or higher. The latest operating system can be found HERE
  • For Mac, macOS ® Sierra or above is required in order to utilize the Mapping Utility. (Previous OS X ® may operate but with limited functionality.)
  • For PC, Windows 7 or above is required in order to install the Mapping Utility.
  • A USB 3.0 flash drive (USB Stick) with sufficient size and available for formatting.
  • Sample file resolution: 16 Bit / 48 kHz
  • Maximum sample file count: 128 wav files
  • Maximum sample-set size: 1.5 GB
  • Import your own samples
  • Auto map them to the correct key ranges
  • Manually assign and adjust your sample mappings
  • Audition your sample files
  • Define Categories, Sound-Sets and User Banks
  • Send files to outside 3rd party audio editors
  • Save your mapping session for adjustments at a further time
  • Export your files, ready for transferring to the Prophet X/XL