Anthology Strings

Anthology Strings

$68 Regular price $300
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 Full Retail (or later) required
  • 3 String Libraries (Full, Divisi & Solo) In One
  • 66,902 Samples / 47.02GB
  • Ensemble Strings also in Soundpaint
  • Microphones Positions: Mixed, Close & Far
  • Full Ensemble-  and Individual String Sections
  • 11 Violins, 6 Violins, 1 Solo Violin
  • 8 Violas, 5 Violas, 1 Solo Viola
  • 6 Cellos, 2 Cellos, 1 Solo Cello
  • 4 Basses, 2 Basses, 1 Solo Bass
  • Custom Browser w/ Built-In Articulation Matrix
  • Arc Control w/ Speed and Velocity built-in
  • Convolution, Mics, EQ & Chaos FX
  • Delivered by Download
  • Kontakt Player version available through Native Instruments
  • Production Costs: $357,000

Strings with Heart

Anthology is the true reimagination of our original Adagio String collection – hand-designed with our favorite samples.

Anthology contains Ensemble, Divisi, and Solo String sections for Violins, Violas, Cellos and Basses. All recorded exclusively with grand Neumann microphones – inside a rare church recording environment. The three sensible microphone positions (Close, Mixed, Far) offer you full mastery over the sound. We developed custom techniques for the close microphones – allowing them to record much closer and intimate than your common church scoring environments. No samples overwhelmed in reverb. Instead, a touching and passionate collection of strings. All designed to capture your most beautiful thoughts.

The beating heart of Anthology Strings is its playability, emotion, and ease-of-use. A compendium of all principal articulations needed for advanced orchestration – and equally built for fast and expressive string writing. The custom smart browser offers you access to everything. A single click gives access to all articulations. A few clicks and you’ve designed your personal matrix of articulations.

Anthology Strings is symmetry. All String Sections have identical articulations and that goes for all Ensemble, Divisi and Solo Strings in the library. But most importantly Anthology is for you. The composer. The producer. The orchestrator. The person that wants the most expressive virtual strings ever created within a fingers touch.

For the person that wants complete playability, effortless expression and true emotion in the sound. This library is for you and only you.






Sections and Soloists

Anthology Strings contains three unique sections for Violin(s), Viola(s), Cello(s), and Basse(s). The ensemble section is big and expressive. It includes a deep set of articulations, with true sordino articulations. The divisi/chamber section is a smaller and intimate ensemble. It sounds stunningly good with our custom close microphone position. The solo section completes the experience with four individual virtuoso instruments.

Anthology Strings


Anthology Strings

Anthology is not just a sample library. It is a statement of emotion and intention. Everything about it is designed for the heart. From the gentle, fragile sounds of pianissimo Divisi Cellos to the soaring legato of Ensemble Violins, everything about Anthology is emotion, not only in sound, but in the DNA of the design and deep in the code.

Helpful & Symmetrical

Anthology is an orchestral tool that simply works. The strings were all carefully processed and coded to operate exactly how you want them to: intuitive, expressive, and with a soul behind every note. Anthology Strings is also designed as a symmetrical library, with every articulation perfectly mirrored across all String Sections.

Anthology Strings