Blendstrument Paranormal Guitars

Blendstrument Paranormal Guitars

  • Kontakt VST / AU / AAX
  • Hyper-Advanced Instrument Generator
  • 24.26GB of all-new content
  • 11,330+ Different Pulse Driving Guitar Samples
  • Instant Pulse Randomizer w/ eternal variations
  • Samples From 11 Different Stringed Instruments
  • 100,000+ lines of custom code for new FX 3.3 system
  • Instant Sample- and Effects Randomizer
  • Instant Front-Faced Effects
  • Delivered by Download
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 Full Retail (or later) Required

Paranormal Guitar Pulses

Welcome to a new installment of our Blendstrument Series: Paranormal Guitars. 

Paranormal Guitars is a distinctive Cinematic Pulse Design Tool, designed to create those unique blockbuster pulses we all need, but with a twist. The library contains our highly advanced randomization feature – allowing you to create an infinite number of combinations and can never produce the same instrument twice.  

Blendstrument Paranormal Guitars contains samples from 11-stringed instruments; a Martin, a 12- String Guitar, a Dobro, a Mandolin, a Ukulele, a Schecter, a Telecaster, a Les Paul, a Stratocaster, a Bass, and a Silent guitar. Each instrument contains several amounts of loops that can be combined with an infinite number of different textures. It is built around the creative world which only the Blendstrument´s algorithms can do. We also added our newest Chaos FX 3.3 and a brand-new Panorama architecture that allows individual tuning and panning of each sample layer. 

Blendstrument Paranormal Guitar is an eternal box of sonic chocolate. You never know what you are going to get. But we pledge whatever you create will eternally be yours and yours only. The Pods have been distributed so that Pod 1 contains all the acoustic instruments and Pod 2 the electric ones, that way you will be able to create unique blends from both worlds. The library is literally capable of producing an eternal amount of new cinematic pulses and create something unique every time you use it. It only takes one click to create another world. 



Pulse Architecture

The Blendstrument is designed to be a rhythmic, pulsing instrument that adapts to your host tempo. We designed it in such a way that you can pulse between two different pods, which each contain a fully loaded Blendstrument. The pulse architecture allows you to control all crucial elements, including mix, pan, and speed. Or, you can combine it with our advanced gate function!

Blendstrument Paranormal Guitars


Blendstrument Paranormal Guitars

One of the most unique features of the Blendstrument is the fact that each sample comes in 5 completely different variations. You can control each of these variations independently, with their own pan and pitch. The Panorama creates highly advanced poly-rhythmic and adds a poly-panoramic (new word!) feel to the Blendstrument.

Total Randomization & FX

The Blendstrument is designed around the ability to randomize everything and create completely new sounds that no mortal soul has ever heard. This includes the ability to randomize everything, including samples, sample parameters, global effects, and anything that could possibly be randomized. All it takes is a single click!

Blendstrument Paranormal Guitars