Hybrid Action Tools Equinox

Hybrid Action Tools Equinox

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  • Kontakt VST / AU / AAX
  • Similar Cinematic Instruments Available in Soundpaint
  • 3 Hybrid Pattern Generator Instruments:
  • Action Grooves, Pulsing Rhythms, & 808 Rhythms
  • All new customizable tonal “Giga-Horns”
  • Mind-bending pitched Bend-Basses
  • Tempo-based Cinematic Clocks
  • 20 Brand New Hybrid “Super Kits” with Velocity and RR
  • 5 Banks of trailer ready Hits & Impact effects
  • Advanced Probability Engine for endless combinations
  • Built-In Chaos Effects & Embedded Meta-Data
  • 12.47GB
  • Delivered by Download
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 Full Retail (or later) Required

Instant Hybrid Rhythm Generators & More

8Dio Equinox: Hybrid Action Tools is the latest in hybrid rhythmic pattern generation. Equinox features an almost endless array of modern, hybrid-based patterns, as well as a vast selection of auxiliary hybrid sound effects to not only help augment your production, but also to inspire and develop the creative process. 

At its core, Equinox offers flexibility beyond any previous Hybrid loop-based endeavor. Not only covering thousands of loops and phrases but providing them at different host sync-able tempos, and allowing them to be independently triggered, blended, and layered collectively. 

Each “Generator” based instrument features our brand-new Probability Engine. This advanced yet straightforward feature allows for the true collective randomization of each rhythmic layer, allowing for almost limitless rhythmic combinations (over 360,000 results per instrument). 

We have also included our new fully playable Giga-Horns (aka Mega-horns). 

Each of which offers a fully chromatic, mixed and produced sound as well as the independent layers used to create each signature horn.  

Equinox also features supplementary Hits categorized as Low & High, and 20 all-new velocity-sensitive “Super Kits” with real round-robin repetitions as well as a vast array of handcrafted cinematic 808 kicks and a multitude of authentic 808 based patterns. And if that wasn’t enough, Equinox also includes a selection of fully chromatic Bend-Basses and Cinematic Clocks based phrases which are essential tools in modern-day production. 

Last but most certainly not least, our Pulsing Rhythm Generator. This instrument offers the same endless pattern generation as the other rhythm generators, but with tonally based phrases. This allows you to structure the pitch of each of the three underscoring elements (low, mid, high) independently per key. 






Essential Rhythmic Content

Equinox features an extensive range of rhythmic elements for building superior pulse-driven sections, including thousands of looped patterns, bonus hits, detailed sound-design Super Kits, earth-shattering Giga-Horns, and pitch manipulated Basses. This is the only library you will ever need to create cutting-edge, rhythmic, hybrid music. 

Hybrid Action Tools Equinox

The Probability Engine

Hybrid Action Tools Equinox

Equinox includes our brand new “Probability Engine.” This feature allows you to instantly randomize all the layers within an instrument, creating an almost infinite number of rhythmic and tonal possibilities. The pure chaos makes it an incredibly useful feature for coming up with new and interesting patterns, sounds, and sonic combinations.

Deep Tagging

Equinox comes embedded with deep Meta-Data tagging, allowing you to directly search through the files using your favorite sound file application. Key phrases such as Hit, Pulse, and even Beats Per Minute can be used to locate and identify matching files, making finding the right sound outside the DAW easier than ever.

Hybrid Action Tools Equinox