Extreme Ensemble 10 Electric Guitars

Extreme Ensemble 10 Electric Guitars

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  • 10-Piece Electric Guitar Ensemble
  • Also Available in Soundpaint ($20) with 127 Velocity Layers
  • 5 Hall Mics (Mix, Decca, Wide, Far, & Close)
  • 10 Spot Mic Positions (Spot 1-10)
  • 24 Bit / 96Khz (.ncw lossless compression)
  • 34,398 Samples / 16.4GB
  • Originally from the V8P Catalogue
  • Delivered by Download
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 Full Retail (or later) Required

Grand Guitars 

From our Extreme Ensemble series, comes a massive collection of 10 Electric Guitars recorded with large amplifiers in our favorite orchestral hall. It's the same location we used for the Majestica 240-piece orchestra, Lacrimosa 200 person choir, CAGE and other truly epic 8Dio productions. The way that ensemble instruments blend and interact in the air molecules of this space creates a an undeniably magical sound that just doesn't happen any other way.

The 10 Electric Guitars ensemble contains a wealth of articulations divided into three main categories: Shorts, Sustains and Effects. The Shorts contain a variety of spiccato- and staccato-inspired articulations for fast playing, while the Sustains category contains everything from long luxurious notes, with and without vibrato, to sweet harmonics and tremolos.

The large guitar Effects section includes slides, punches, feedback, frets, rakes, scrapes, strums, screams, and everything needed to convey the character and personality of these instruments. For options in mixing, everything was recorded with and without amps, and captured in 15 microphone perspectives: 5 hall mics and 10 spot mics (one for each player). With all of these features and flexibility, this electric guitar ensemble has a truly extreme sound unlike anything else!

Originally an exclusive V8P release, we're proud to finally share Extreme Ensembles - 10 Electric Guitars with everyone.





15 Microphone Positions

All the libraries in our Extreme Ensemble Series contain 15 microphone positions: 5 Hall Microphones (Mix, Decca, Far, Wide, and Close) and 10 Spot Microphones and DI (Direct Input) signals from the instruments. This allows you to play the ensembles as large groups using hall mics, or individually using the spot mics.

Extreme Ensemble 10 Electric Guitars

New Arpeggiator

Extreme Ensemble 10 Electric Guitars

We created a new arpeggiator for the Extreme Ensemble Series. It is easy to use and allows you to create elaborate patterns. You can control the rate in all major time signatures, swing, octaves, and repeated notes. You can also use it as a velocity-based step sequencer for any articulation that uses velocities!

New Chaos Effects

We customized our popular Chaos Effects for the Extreme Ensemble Series. The Chaos Effects now includes over 130 new Textural Convolution Delays that allows you to create delays with non-instrumental textures. Along with the new Phaser and Flanger, we also have EQ, Bit-Crusher, Distortion, Dual-Stereo Delay, and a wide selection of standard convolution delays.

Extreme Ensemble 10 Electric Guitars