8DM Flow House Volume 1 Bundle

8DM Flow House Volume 1 Bundle

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  • Kontakt 5.8.1 Full Retail (or later) required
  • Flow House Vol. 1 Kontakt
  • Flow House Vol. 1 Maschine 2.0
  • Flow House Vol. 1 Wav-Pack
  • 4.76GB
  • Unrivalled Top-40 EDM Chart Quality Out of the Box
  • Kontakt 3D-Based User-Interface
  • Logical File Organization (Oneshot Sample Directories)
  • Delivered by Download

Flowing Grooves 

Flow House is a new and unique take on the house genre with a more upbeat and positive sound. Everything flows, transcends, and is surrounded by a sensation of love and motion. Flow House contains similar elements to deep house, electro house, progressive house and tech house, but with that special twist of light and color. 

8Dio Flow House Vol. 1 VST comes in three different formats: Maschine, Kontakt and Wavpack. 

The Kontakt version utilizes all our experience from 8Dio, with our new 3.0 Chaos FX Engine, 3D rendered layout, and hyper flexible interface. The Maschine version rocks your controller like never before, with a completely new intuitive layout, neat organization, and advanced macro controls for live manipulation.  The powerful Wavpack, with all the samples neatly organized for easy DAW integration, is easy, hyper-flexible and has an undeniably fresh, top-40 sound. 




8Dio Flow House Vol. 1 Maschine Edition is a completely new take on the Native Instruments Maschine Platform. You can create a smacking groove in seconds using our intuitive layout and color-coding or get into more specific details such as macro-controls and real-time FX. This new take on Maschine will surely win you over!

8DM Flow House Volume 1 Bundle


8DM Flow House Volume 1 Bundle

8Dio Flow House Vol. 1 Kontakt Edition utilizes all the knowledge we have from our industry-leading 8Dio sample collection. You can control everything from the keys (pitch, real-time FX), and our logical file organization makes everything extremely easy to use. We also integrated our brand-new CHAOS FX 3.0 system!


8DM Flow House Vol. 1 Wav-Pack is designed for the DJ/producer that just wants the raw wave files for their own environment. We spend quite some time labeling everything correctly, so whether you need BPM information or instantly need to find a kick, snare, cymbal, bass synth, or lead synth, it's all there for immediate and intuitive access.

8DM Flow House Volume 1 Bundle