Free Angels

Free Angels

  • Music made with the community
  • Hybrid Angelic Sound Design
  • Angelic Ambiences
  • Celestial Risers
  • Ethereal Plucked Instruments
  • Fluffy Creatures & Heavenly Hits
  • Seraphic Voices & Saintly Percussions
  • 1.56GB
  • Delivered by Download
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 Full Retail (or later) Required

Free Angelic Sounds

Free Angels is a new-generation art software instrument created in collaboration with over 100 sound designers from the 8dio community, as well as our 8dio team. The instrument is best described as free and angelic in its nature. It has a white, soft and heavenly body. It is experiential and experimental – a type of divine inspiration. 

Free Angels contains over 1.4GB of heavenly sound designs consisting of angelic ambiences, celestial risers, a large set of ethereal plucked instruments, fluffy creatures, heavenly hits, seraphic voices and a bunch of soft and saintly percussion. It is not designed for the stringent and analytical composer, but for someone who wants to dive into the unknown and let themselves be randomly inspired by the heavenly concepts of the +100 people who submitted for the project. 

Free Angels is not a conventional sample library. It is a little piece of art software – liberated from normal and orthodox conventions of how things should be. It is beautiful, wild, and free. It is sorta like the Lady Gaga of sample libraries. 





The Beauty of Over 100 People

Free Angels is a community-based sample project, where over 100 sound designs and musicians each gave their interpretation of what sonic beauty is to them. 8Dio provided an additional 50% content from our private sample catalogues. The library has a soul and personality to it, one that you rarely find in a traditional sample library and that completely stands apart in its sonic character and shine.

Free Angels

Ease and Playability

Free Angels

Free Angels contains an easy-to-use and highly playable user interface.. You can control a variety of elements from the front-end user interface, including stereo modeled width, ethereal wetness (convolution control), and celestial brightness, which allows you to create more high-end frequency presence in the sounds.

Heavenly Effects

Free Angels contains a unique real-time effects section, which includes Delay, Screamer Cabinet Modeling, Bit Crusher/LOFI, Distortion Fuzz, Rotator, and two convolution reverbs, one with a unique set of sound designed convolutions for extra texture. The second contains more traditional convolution impulses from our private convolution catalogue.

Free Angels