Free You

Free You

  • Kontakt VST / AU / AAX
  • 5.17GB
  • Contains Textural Sounds by over 200 Sound Designers
  • Unique Sound Layer Position System
  • New General User-Interface
  • Over 300 Presets Each With 3 Sound Layers
  • New Front-Face FX and Mod-Sequencer
  • Delivered by Download
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 Full Retail (or later) Required

Free Tonal, Textural, Melodic Tools

Free You is a new-generation art software instrument created in collaboration with our talented community. Free You was partially created by 200+ sound designers and partially created in-house by 8DIO. The instrument is best described as a deeply personal and unique textural composition tool.  

Free You contains over 4.5GB of heavenly sound designs divided into three core sound categories, including Tonal Textural Melodic Tools, BPM-Synced Rhythmic Pads, and unique Stuttery Rhythms. The Tonal Textural Tools are designed to add sustained and plucked textures to your music. The Rhythmic Pads are fantastic for momentum and pulse – propelling the music to new places. The library contains over 300 organized presets – each contains 3 unique sound layers that you can freely sculpt between. Free You contains 26 core banks that each contain 12 different patches. You can move and choose patches in real-time, since they all come pre-loaded. It is a library that is designed to surprise you and we added a variety of randomization features that can bring you into another dimension with a single click. 

Free You is a follow-up to our popular Free Angels and Free Radicals libraries, which were done in collaboration with our awesome community of users. The idea with our Free You Project was to create the most personal collection of memorable sounds. All we asked was that people recorded/created the 5 most important sounds in their life. The 5 sounds that stood closest to their heart. We took all the contributions and put them into one sample library. We edited, programmed, designed, and distributed the entire collection and added a large chunk of personal materials to it. No restrictions, no rules, no limits. 





Internal Browser

Free You comes with a built-in browser, so you can try all the sounds without loading more patches. Free You also comes with over 300 presets that each contain three unique sound layers (functioning like microphone positions). The new user interface allows you to control virtually everything from one single page, whether it is pan, envelopes, stereo-width, transient shapes, filters, gates, pitch, delays, compression, or textural convolutions.

Free You

Chaos and Textural Convolutions

Free You

Free You also contains large set of Textural Convolution Delays. The idea is to use non-conventional convolution impulses to augment the existing sound, so you can get extra texture from the convolutions along with standard impulses. The included Chaos FX system also includes Step-Based Filtering, EQ, Bit-Crusher, Distortion, and Dual Stereo-Delay.

Heavenly Effects

Free You contains a unique real-time effects section, with Delay, Screamer Cabinet Modeling, Bit Crusher/LOFI, Distortion Fuzz, Rotator, and two different convolution reverbs. One contains a highly unique set of sound designed convolutions. The second one contains more traditional convolution impulses from our private convolution catalogue.

Free You