Hybrid Tools Eternal Darkness

Hybrid Tools Eternal Darkness

  • Haunting & Disturbing Cinematic Effects
  • Kontakt VST / AU / AAX
  • Similar Cinematic Instruments Available in Soundpaint
  • All new banks of Impacts, Risers & Drone Effects
  • Inspired by 15 curated pieces of hair-raising score
  • Psychologically thrilling sound
  • Perfect every jump-scare & suspenseful moment
  • Fully Tempo synchronized Rhythms and Risers
  • Built-In Chaos Effects & Embedded Meta-Data
  • 1.31GB
  • Delivered by Download
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 Full Retail (or later) Required

Echoes of Obsidian. 15 Sonic Portals

Hybrid Tools Eternal Darkness represents a groundbreaking endeavor in music creation. Initially, 15 deep and evocative compositions were crafted, and from their essence, a series of custom instruments were born.

What sets this collection apart is the transformation of these instruments into fully playable entities, allowing for unparalleled flexibility and creativity. Instruments truly designed for the dark epic style of composition.

Eternal Darkness holds 100s of dark and deep-sampled cinematic instruments. Hits, Subhits, Risers, Drones, Rhythms, Tick Tocks, Phrases etc.

All Tempo-Synced to match your composition.

The synergy between the compositions and their derived instruments is the hallmark of Eternal Darkness. With standardized meta-data, integration into any sound management system becomes effortless.

In Eternal Darkness, the boundary between compositions and instruments blurs, offering a hauntingly atmospheric audio palette for creators.



A Hybrid Thriller

Eternal Darkness contains a wide variety of terrifying and dark musical elements. Built from the ground up, this collection of hybrid instruments offers you all the necessary tools to perfect the art and workflow of creating truly spine-chilling horror scores, including deep Impacts, Sub banks, Risers, Drones, and various tempo-based Rhythms, Tick-Tocks and Phrases.

Hybrid Tools Eternal Darkness

Hybrid Workflow

Hybrid Tools Eternal Darkness

The advanced features included in the library are all easily accessible through the custom user interface. Quickly adjust or automate the Attack, Release, Speed, and Pitch Envelope of your chosen set of sounds, letting them fit perfectly within your track. From auditioning categories to chromatically stretching a sound, the Hybrid Tools interface allows for endless customization.

Find the Right Sound

Eternal Darkness not only comes with a master patch, but also individual instrument patches for each “Song.” Eternal Darkness comes embedded with deep Meta-Data tagging, allowing you to directly search through the files using your favorite sound file application. All the sounds within this library are drag and drop ready, making production inside or outside of Kontakt seamless!

Hybrid Tools Eternal Darkness