Hybrid Tools NEO II

Hybrid Tools NEO II

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  • True Analog Designed Hybrid Cinematic Instruments
  • Kontakt VST / AU / AAX
  • Similar Cinematic Instruments Available in Soundpaint
  • 8.22GB  and over 6,000 hand-curated samples
  • Thousands of Cinematic Drums and Percussion
  • Newest Cinematic 808's
  • Ear Candy & Textural Ambiences
  • 50 x 50 Delicately distorted modern analog power leads
  • 50 x 50 Modern & degraded lo-fi pianos
  • Fully Tempo synchronized Rhythmic Pulses & Patterns
  • Built-In Chaos Effects & Embedded Meta-Data
  • Delivered by Download
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 Full Retail (or later) Required

NEO Ear Candy, Drums, Tick Tocks, & More

Hybrid Tools NEO II is the newest cinematic scoring tool designed based on the latest and emerging scoring trends. 

This curated library contains 13 meta-categories, each containing many hundreds of instruments, synths, and musical sound designs.  

From multi-sampled analog drums to massive arrays of new-generation epic drums, the sound is clean and massive. NEO II includes a vast array of new hybrid rhythms, tick-tock rhythms, and gritty rhythms which all adapt to your host tempo. 

We added several new banks of our highly popular Ear Candy categories, which contain extreme new sound designs, and tons of large scale and moody cinematic ambiences and deep-sampled noises.  The collection is wrapped up with a massive assortment of deep-sampled synths, 50 different lo-fi stab pianos, and the most perfect collection of filmic, tonal 808s you may ever hear. 

Hybrid Tools Neo II is designed to sit right in your mix without further processing.  It took over two years to produce and every sound was treated like a piece of music.  The mix is dialed to perfection, so you can just focus on the music. 

NEO II offers you everything you need to create the driving force behind your music, adding a sense of production-friendly grit and analog warmth lacking in most digital arrangements. 



Cut Through the Mix

Hybrid Tools NEO II contains some of the grittiest, cutting-edge sound design we have ever released. Each sound within NEO II was created from meticulously processing vintage hardware and real-world recordings through a variety of analog equipment. The result is a level of saturation, dirt, and lush overtones that are indispensable to both the lo-fi producer and cinematic trailer composer providing an almost unprecedented level of warmth and character.

Hybrid Tools NEO II

Hybrid Design

Hybrid Tools NEO II

The advanced features included in the library are all easily accessible through the custom user interface. Quickly adjust or automate the Attack, Release, Speed, and Pitch Envelope of your chosen set of sounds, fitting perfectly within your track. From auditioning to chromatically stretching a sound, the Hybrid Tools interface allows for endless customization. 

Your Sound, Your Way

Hybrid Tools NEO II comes with several instrument patches, each with several banks. Hybrid Tools NEO II also comes embedded with deep Meta-Data tagging, allowing you to directly search through the files using your favorite sound file application. At 44.1kHz / 24 Bit .wav, all the sounds within this library are drag and drop ready!

Hybrid Tools NEO II