Hybrid Voices Designs

Hybrid Voices Designs

  • Hybrid Tools made from Human Voices
  • Not Eligible for Discount until June 1, 2024
  • Kontakt VST / AU / AAX
  • All New Hybrid Effects
  • Heartbeats, Percussive Body Sounds, & TickTocks
  • Downers, Impacts, & Risers
  • Booms, Moans, & Whispers
  • Human 808's and Noise Cymbals
  • Delivered by Download
  • 612.8MB/ 1.4K samples
  • Kontakt 6.7.1 Full Retail (or later) Required

    Voices of Design

    The 8Dio Hybrid Tools Series has established itself as the go-to source for top-quality cinematic scoring tools, and has been featured in numerous Blockbusters, TV-Shows, AAA Video Games, Trailers, and more. Now presenting the newest member of the Hybrid Tools series: Hybrid Voices Designs

    Hybrid Voices Designs is an all-new collection of effects, percussion, rhythmic 808s, whispers, moans, and more - all created from the human voice and body. Hybrid Voices is unlike anything you've ever heard before. It combines stunning vocal recordings, cutting-edge sound design, and a smooth, familiar workflow to create a sonic palette that will inspire your creativity and enhance your productions.

    With 10 banks of effects, Hybrid Voices Designs explores familiar categories with new concepts. We have all used hybrid downers and risers before, but there is an extra layer of magic introduced by the human voice. You can hear the growling vocal chords, the nasal hums, the air escaping the lungs - all these details add sixth sense that will leave your audience breathless at the end of the riser.

    Have you ever heard an 808 drum machine made from the human voice? It’s a sound you won’t soon forget, with all the punch of analog hardware and that unmistakable human touch. And there is a lot more percussion to unearth in Hybrid Voices. Try the noise cymbals for a new kind of percussive punctuation - somewhere between a crash cymbal and a sigh. From booms to body percussion, there are plenty of ways to leave an impact. 



    Percussive Effects

    Hundreds of percussive sounds in twelve banks. Tense, pounding heartbeats that you can feel swelling up in your chest. Tick Tocks from a human clock to keep track of time on the inside. Body Sounds created from every limb. Create your own drum kit of human noises and hybrid effects.

    Hybrid Voices Designs

    The Human Touch

    Hybrid Voices Designs

    At 8Dio, we have always strived to keep the human element alive in sampled instruments. With this newest chapter of our hybrid tools series, we get to bring the human touch to a new frontier of sonic possibilities. A new generation of hybrid sound design and vocal texture.

    Extra Chaos

    Spice up the hybrid effects with an extra layer of chaos. Warp the sound into any shape, chop it up with the rhythmic gate, reverse the sound for a change of pace, or instantly combine sounds with the stack button. Feeling adventurous? Randomize everything with a single click of the Chaos button.

    Hybrid Voices Designs