Legion Series: 66 Cellos

Legion Series: 66 Cellos

  • Pro-Grade Cinematic Instruments
  • Professional Cinematic Cellos
  • Deep-Sampled 66 Player Ensemble
  • 11.33GB / 15,730 Samples
  • 5 Sustain variations and 4 Styles of True Legatos
  • Range of Arcs and Short Notes
  • Poly Arcs for seamless voice transition within Arcs
  • Host-Sync’d Ostinatos
  • 3 Hall microphone perspectives
  • 5 Independent Spot microphone perspectives
  • Clean & Trailer Mixes for instant cutting-edge sound
  • Delivered by Download
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 Full Retail (or later) Required

An Army of Cellos 

66 Cellos is the latest installment in our Legion series of epic ensembles, a line dedicated to solving the specific need for large-scale ensembles in modern scores. 

Recorded in our favorite modern recording hall, 66 Cellos features only the best cellists gathered from across Europe for this once-in-a-lifetime sampling opportunity. Not only did we record a large set of core articulations for the ensemble, such as sustains, legatos, and short notes but we also recorded a substantial collection of ensemble effects such as tuning clusters, seagulls, and Host-Sync’d ostinatos. The range of these articulations and the instantly massive sound available in every option of the library make it a joy to work with and an essential in any cinematic composer’s toolkit. The library features 10 different microphone perspectives to best represent the sounds of the space and ensemble.  

The range of options included with the library is easily accessible from the familiar 3D-rendered user interface available with all our Legion Series libraries. These options include our 4-part effects engine, expression, gate, and tuning options as well as an intuitive step sequencer. You can also quickly and easily control or automate the playback of the samples with attack, release, speed, pitch envelope, glide and offset controls. 

Sampling ensembles of this size comes with unique challenges and with these challenges spark endless creativity, not only in recording techniques used, but also with the textures and styles of articulations that can be created with an ensemble of this caliber. We spared no expense in creating the new standard in epic scoring. 




66 Cellos contains 10 different microphone perspectives, including 2 microphone mixes (Main and Trailer). The 4 Hall Microphone Positions (Decca, Mixed, Far, Wide) mirror the Hall Microphone Positions from our past Legion Series, and 5 Spot Microphones perfectly capture the closer details of this colossal ensemble.

Legion Series: 66 Cellos

A True Legion

Legion Series: 66 Cellos

With the introduction of 66 Cellos, the Legion Series is now an army of hundreds of Players! These libraries come together to create a low-end assault of sound catering to the production needs of epic music. Whether you need epic, in-your-face style strings, dynamic low-end effects, or massive spiccatos, the Legion of Cellos will be your go-to epic string library.

About the Ensemble

66 Cellos contains the largest symphonic cello ensemble ever recorded. We removed all chairs and baffles in the hall to enhance the color of the sound. It is the same hall we used for the other members of the Legion Series, Majestica, Lacrimosa, Acoustic Grand Ensembles, CAGE, and many other libraries.

Legion Series: 66 Cellos




  • Sustain  
  • Tremolo  
  • Sul Tasto  
  • Harmonics 
  • Marcato  

Sustains Looped: 

  • Sustain  
  • Tremolo  
  • Sul Tasto  
  • Harmonics 
  • Legatos: 
  • Sustain  
  • Tremolo 
  • Sul Tasto  
  • Marcato  

Legato Looped: 

  • Sustain  
  • Tremolo  
  • Sul Tasto  

Arcs (One-shot and Poly): 

  • Short Arcs PP – P – PP 
  • Short Arcs P – MP – P 
  • Short Arcs MP – F – MP 
  • Long Arcs PP – P – PP 
  • Long Arcs P – MP – P 
  • Long Arcs MP – F – MP 
  • Short Arcs  
  • Long Arcs  


  • Tuning Cluster 1 
  • Tuning Cluster 2 
  • Extremely Long Crescendo 
  • Seagulls 

Polyphonic Arcs:  

  • Short Arcs PP-P-P 
  • Short Arcs P-MP-P 
  • Short Arcs MP-F-MP 
  • Long Arcs PP-P-PP 
  • Long Arcs P-MP-P 
  • Long Arcs MP-F-MP 
  • Short Arcs CC1 
  • Long Arcs CC1 


  • Pizzicato 
  • Spiccato 
  • Bartok Pizzicato 
  • Marcatos 


  • Decresendo Ostinaot 1/1 
  • Cresendo Ostinato 1/1 
  • Spiccato Ostinato 1/1 P 
  • Spiccato Ostinato 1/1 MP 
  • Spiccato Ostinato 1/1 (CC1) 
  • Spiccato Ostinato 1/4 P 
  • Spiccato Ostinato 1/4 MP 
  • Spiccato Ostinato 1/4 (CC1) 
  • Spiccato Ostinato 1/8 P 
  • Spiccato Ostinato 1/8 MP 
  • Spiccato Ostinato 1/8 (CC1) 
  • Spiccato Ostinato 1/16 P 
  • Spiccato Ostinato 1/16 MP 
  • Spiccato Ostinato 1/16 (CC1) 


  • Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.8+ required 
  • Not compatible with free Kontakt Player 
  • Minimum: Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU. 8 GB of RAM or more is highly recommended. For TMPro Patches, i7 or equivalent is highly recommended. 
  • 66-Cellos requires 11GB of Hard Drive Space 
  • 8 GB of RAM or more is highly recommended 
  • Sample resolution: 48Khz / 24Bit stereo .wav, .ncw format