Misfit Toy Instruments

Misfit Toy Instruments

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  • Kontakt VST / AU / AAX
  • 2,005 Samples / 1.51GB
  • 6 Different Toy Instruments
  • Accordion, Clarinet and Guitar
  • Glockenspiel, Music Boxes and Saxophone
  • Advanced UI w/ built-in articulation system
  • New Front-Faced FX and Mod-Sequencer
  • Delivered by Download
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 Full Retail (or later) Required

Plastic Instruments & Toys

Misfit Toy Instruments is all about encapsulating the life, character, and authenticity of six unique toy instruments. 

We begin the library with the warm and soothing sound of a little Accordion, highly recommended in conjunction with our winsome Clarinet. We included a lovable mini guitar with chunky nylon strings, Succeeded by the defacto commercial sound of a kids’ Glockenspiel (Metallophone). We wrap up the library with six different music boxes and the sultry sound of a shiny plastic saxophone. 

Misfit Toy Instruments is an irresponsible sample collection, childish and baby-like in core. We wanted to sample the sweet naivety of these instruments and in a way that truly represents their unusual character and quirkiness. Sure, these aren’t the most pristine instruments sampled by the finest musicians in the world, but they are the sounds that most kids and babies are surrounded by while they grow up. There is some value in there that cannot be captured any other way. 

Misfit Toy Instruments comes with two parallel FX systems. First, our new Front-Faced FX gives you immediate control over the most important effects, including multiple filters, advanced gate with tempo controls, pitch and micro-pitch, easy delay and compression, and our new textural convolution reverb. We have also included our 3.3 Chaos FX Engine, so out of the box, not only do you own a unique product, but also a product packed with effects that will give you unlimited possibilities. 

May all your wished and desires come true! 





Authentic Toy Instruments

While mass-produced without compassion, we still believe there is a little soul inside of all the toy instruments. There’s the warmth of a little accordion, the uber-sized nylon string on a tin can guitar, the cute sound of a perfectly molded clarinet, and the rigid plastic of a toy sax. Or perhaps you just want a large arsenal of music boxes or metallophones (aka kids glockenspiel).

Misfit Toy Instruments

Pulse Architecture

Misfit Toy Instruments

The Misfit Toy Series contains an advanced pulsing system that allows you to both crossfade and sequence between different articulations. Everything is synced to your DAW Host-Tempo. Whether you want to sequence/arpeggiate, modulate, control filter LFO in tempo, or do step-based crossfading between articulations, it’s all there.

New Articulation and Preset System

The Misfit Toy Series comes with a new articulation and preset system. The articulations can be chosen for group A and group B, which can then be modulated and pulsated amongst each other. This allows for a unique ability to cross-fade and pulse between different sounds and create something entirely new in a matter of seconds.

Misfit Toy Instruments