Misfit Concertina

Misfit Concertina

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  • Deep-Sampled Concertina
  • 1,884 Samples / 1.29GB
  • Deep-Sampled Misfit Concertina
  • Sustains & Staccato
  • Crescendo & Sforzando
  • Staccato Round-Robin sampled
  • Chaos FX 3.0 New Arp & Dual Convolution Reverb
  • Delivered by Download
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 Full Retail (or later) Required

A Retired Accordion

Welcome to Misfit: an unusual collection of 18 deep-sampled instruments. 

After stripping the best equipment, the state-of-the-art studios, the most expensive instruments, and even the best musicians, only the soul is left. That is exactly what we wanted to explore: a human, urban, and unique product. 

The Misfit Concertina is a gorgeous (1,800 sample) instrument for the aspiring pirate. The Concertina comes loaded with options, including regular sustains, staccato, crescendo, and sforzando. We also recorded it from both the left and right sides, so you get the natural stereo perspective. In addition, we added both digital and natural tremolo and a variety of uber-cool controls, giving you the total Misfit Concertina experience. 

The Concertina is like a retired accordion with a life full of regrets and undesirable stories to tell: It is exactly the sound we wanted. Who needs an A4 at 440Hz when you have… this? 





A Concert Experience

The Misfit Concertina is best described as a realistic, unpretentious approach to the instrument. It sounds totally real – we didn’t pitch correct notes or anything fancy. We recorded it like it is. Just like the old guy would play it. Enjoy the warm, fuzzy sound of this gorgeous instrument.

Misfit Concertina

Help Me!

Misfit Concertina

The Misfit sample collection is not exactly your standard sample experience. To make it all easy as pie, we added a “HELPPP!” button on the front of all the user interfaces, which will explain all the features and how they work. Whether you want a little true gelato action or molto expresso vibrato, you can easily find it all by clicking the help button.

Chaos FX 3.0

We wanted to make life a little more fun for you, so we added our Chaos 3.0 FX system to the Misfit collection. First, it gives you access to a variety of new FX types, including a highly sophisticated arpeggiator, dual stereo delay, and types of custom convolution reverbs, and much more!

Misfit Concertina