1969 Legacy Piano

1969 Legacy Piano

$38 Regular price $98
  • Deep-Sampled 1969 Piano Concert (D) Grand
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 Full Retail (or later) required
  • Also available in Soundpaint ($25) with 127 Dynamic Layers
  • 5.4GB / 9,272 Samples
  • Direct download / Cloud Server System
  • Product only available as a download
  • 6 Microphone Perspectives:
  • Overhead, Player, Damper, Spot, Ambient, & Room
  • Unique Staccato Samples with Round Robin
  • 9 Additional Piano Morph Patches
  • Advanced Sound Design Controls
  • Delivered by Download

An Unmatched Legacy 

Welcome to The Legacy Piano Series, a collection of deep-sampled world-class pianos. Our Legacy Piano Series marks the next evolution in hyper-realistic piano sampling regarding playability, character, and expressiveness. 

The 1969 (Model D) Concert Grand Piano is one of the most exquisite piano lines in existence. The tone is rich, full, yet bright and airy. It has a majestic character, which can blend into anything from classical piano pieces to pop/rock. The natural age of the piano has allowed the soundboard to settle, open up, and blossom like a great bottle of wine. 

We sampled the 1969 Piano Concert Grand Piano with 6 different stereo microphone perspectives (Overhead, Keyboard/Player, Dampers, Spot, Ambient, and Room), so you can dial in the sound and perspective you want. 

The 1969 Piano Concert Grand Piano has a variety of advanced controls. The library also comes with a variety of custom instruments (Eternal Sustains, Glockenspiels, Assortment of Guitars, Modi ed Pianos, and more). 





Superior Mics & Mixing

The 1969 Legacy Piano includes six unique stereo microphone perspectives (Overheads, Keyboard/Player, Dampers, Spot, Ambient, and Room Mics). The new GUI gives you much more control over the 6 microphone positions and EQ with a A/B mix, microphone mixer, and compressor.

1969 Legacy Piano

Intuitive User Interface

1969 Legacy Piano

The update has a huge list of new features, including articulation stacking, release & pedal on/off control, panorama control, amp env, pitch env, filter env, tone control, drive, filter LFO, filter effect, gates, pitch control, delay and a custom form control in which you can select custom convolutions to drastically change your sound!

Piano Blending Options

The 1969 Piano contains a variety of custom piano morphing options, so you can blend the piano with any selected layer and create completely new instruments with a single click. The morphing options include Default Piano, True Staccato, Reversed Synthesis, Glisten, Infinity (Eternal Sustains), Ethereal, Glockiano, Suppressed, Emperor, Golden, and Future Articulations.

1969 Legacy Piano