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  • World-Class Emotional Orchestral Choir
  • 63.500 Samples / 49.7GB
  • 4 Hall Mics (Mixed, Decca, Wide, Far)
  • 4 Spot Mics (Spot 1, Spot 2, Spot 3, Spot 4)
  • 40 Polyphonic Legato Syllable Arcs
  • 5 True Legato (MW Multiple Dynamics)
  • 12 Staccato Legato & 13 Fast Repeated Staccato
  • 15 Triplets/Triplet Loops
  • 19 Sustains & Sustain Legato
  • 4 Trills (Multiple-Tempos) and Shorts
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 Full Retail (or later) Required
  • Delivered by Download


Silka is a new-generation, deep-sampled choral library dedicated to realistic, expressive, and easy choral writing. In addition to our super realistic and easily playable polyphonic legato, Silka also contains several new types of legato, including dynamically layered intimate legatos, and a wealth of rhythmic and textural articulations. 

Silka can be the falling star across the summer sky, a powerful instrument for even the largest of compositions, or a subtle, gentle stroke with your compositional brush. It can be ethereal and angelic, or roaring and dramatic. It is an immersive instrument designed to cover the true emotion and motion of choral writing. 

The soul of Silka is 40 males and 25 females hand-picked by master conductor Petr Polonanik, the same group used in our Insolidus Choir.  

A variety of new recording and sampling techniques were used in Silka, making it the most realistic, instantly playable, and lyrical symphonic choir in existence. Our new Syllable arcs offer a naturally swelling motion of the choir, and the ability to control the number of syllables (2, 4, or 5). Silka contains an advanced phrase-builder offering you the ability to create up to 64 strings of syllables. You have a deep assortment of new, rhythmic Staccato-Legatos and a wealth of other rhythmic and textural articulations. You have new velocity based Intimate True Legato for classic syllables (Ah, Eh, Oh, Uh and Mmmmm). 



Polyphonic Legato and True Intimate Legato

One of the cornerstones of Silka is the ability to play the choir with ease and super realism. The advanced and intelligent scripting behind Silka offers you the ability to play the choir however you like, with as many notes as you like. Silka contains a large set dynamically layered True Intimate Legato samples for common articulations such as: “Ah, Eh, Oh, Uh, and Mmmm.” 


New-Generation Sampling Techniques


Silka contains a variety of new and proprietary sampling techniques developed specifically for the library. These include our new “Syllable Arcs” with polyphonic legato and new “Multi-Vowel Swells” with natural dynamic variation. Silka includes 8 microphone perspectives and you can even adjust the balance between the Male and Female singers.

Advanced Phrase-Builder

Silka contains a highly advanced phrase-building sequencer, allowing you to sequence up to 64 words. Whether you want to create a string of phrases using our new Arc Syllables new dynamically responsive Multi-Vowels, everything adapts to your host tempo and everything works together seamlessly.