Studio Series Deep Solo Viola

Studio Series Deep Solo Viola

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  • Ultra Deep-Sampled Virtuoso Solo Viola
  • 88 Articulations and over 20,000 samples
  • 3 Advanced True Polyphonic Legatos
  • 18 Type of Short Notes
  • 25 Types of Bowing Arcs and Arc FX
  • 12 Types of Ostinato & 16 Performance Arts
  • Microphone Control Near & Ambient Microphones
  • Tempo Synced Performance & Measured Articulations
  • 11.35GB
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 Full Retail (or later) Required
  • Delivered by Download

88 Ultra-Detailed Articulations

The 8Dio Studio Solo Strings series carries on from our critically acclaimed Intimate Studio product line, now with more grit, intensity, control, and of course, articulations. Featuring only the best in musicianship, the Solo Viola has all the intricacy and passion you would expect, capable of dynamic and moving performances and authentically virtuosic playing. Recorded in a controlled studio environment at Scotland’s Premiere Recording Studio, Gorbals Sound, the Viola was captured in incredible detail and without compromise utilizing two dual-microphone techniques. This combined method allows you to freely blend between a direct signal and a more spacious and ambient position, enabling you to control the positioning and distance of the Viola accurately. 

Organized into six separate categories, each of the included sound-sets offers a range of features and playing styles, all easily accessible from the in-built browser system. The Solo Viola features five individually recorded Legato articulations enabling you to play in a variety of styles, speeds, and with and without a mute (con sordino). Each of the main performance-based Legatos also features original and musical coloration and dynamic changes, ensuring the pure and lifelike nature of the live performance can be accurately preserved. With eighty-eight independently captured, multi-dynamic, and authentically sounding articulations, you have access to all the tools you need to create music that goes beyond realism. 






All in One

The entire Studio Series allows you to load the ideal set of articulations needed for your specific project. You can customize key switches and save your custom patches for quick access later. There are eighty-eight playing styles and articulations organized into six core categories: Shorts, Longs, Bowed, Bowed FX, Measured, and Performance. With the included individual patches for each articulation, you can load exactly what you need for your workflow.

Studio Series Deep Solo Viola

Our Player - Your Tempo

Studio Series Deep Solo Viola

The Deep Solo Viola offers a vast collection of fully tempo-synchronized patterns and short phrases, including fluid Portato passages, Detaché, measured tremolo, and more. The Performance category offers multiple Tuplet, Triplet, Swing, and Jeté (Riccochét) phrases, all with various dynamics and round-robin repetitions.

Normale and Sordino

Along with traditional orchestral articulations, The Deep Solo Viola ventures into the more esoteric, compelling, and enticingly evocative realm of solo string sound. We have also included a deep range of Con Sordino (Muted) Articulations with a variety of short notes, Dynamic Bowings, Crescendos, and a fluid True Legato.

Studio Series Deep Solo Viola