Studio Steel Drum

Studio Steel Drum

  • Kontakt VST / AU / AAX
  • Also Available in Soundpaint ($15) with 127 Dynamic Layers
  • 55,800 Samples / 12.9GB
  • 5 Microphones (incl. Neumann u87, Coles, Neve, etc)
  • 2 Pro-Grade Reverbs (Bricasti and TC)
  • Up to 10 dynamic layers each with up to 10 repetitions
  • Prepared Articulations (ex. Hands, Nails, Percussive FX)
  • Intuitive and Advanced 3D Controls and Interface
  • Advanced Chaos Effects Systems
  • Delivered by Download
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 Full Retail (or later) Required

The Deepest Steel Drum 

The 8Dio Studio Steel Drum represents an extreme deep-sampled Steel Drum, comprised of more than 55,000 samples, 5 true vintage microphone positions, and 2 world-class reverbs (Bricasti & TC6000). 

The 8Dio Studio Steel Drum was custom designed for 8Dio. We wanted the instrument to cover all ranges from bass to treble, but still have them all contained in a singular Steel Drum. We sampled the instrument with several mallet types (Beaters, Felt Mallet, Brushes, Hands, Nails, Rattles, FX, and more) as well as prepared and percussive techniques at up to 10 velocity layers and 10 repetitions. 

We recorded the instrument with four vintage microphone options: Neumann, Neve, Coles, and Royers, along with a mixed microphone position. Everything was carefully recorded and processed at 24bit / 96kHz at our British Studio through a historic custom Neve desk, the carefully down sampled to 48k for ease of streaming.  

The library gives you full control over the dynamic response, resonance, transient shape, and tonal qualities, so the perfect sound can be dialed in just for you. 





Deep Options

What sets the Studio Steel Drum apart from competitors is not just the great recordings, programming, or stunning lay-out, but also the wealth of features that allow you to dial in precisely the sound you want. You can control the dynamic feel of the drum with a single dial, resonance, ADSR, or even the transient design of the final signal.

Studio Steel Drum

Superior Reverbs

Studio Steel Drum

We sampled the Steel Drum through two of the best studio reverbs in the world: TC6000 and Bricasti. We sampled the Studio Steel Drum using a pristine signal path designed by some of the world's best engineers.

World-Class Microphones

The Studio Steel Drum gives you access to the best studio microphones for drums, including Neumann u87’s, Coles, Neve SE Ribbons, and a sweet mixed microphone option.

Studio Steel Drum



Main Articulations: 

  • Beaters 
  • Mallets 
  • Brushes 
  • Hands 
  • Beater Rolls 
  • Mallet Rolls 
  • Brush Rolls 
  • Hand Rolls 

Prepared Articulations: 

  • Nails 
  • Strung 
  • Rattled 
  • Percussive FX 
  • Various Vocal Effects 


Recorded at a famous British studio with all microphone positions recorded through a custom NEVE desk. All microphones can of course be loaded/unloaded and include Volume, Stereo Spread, Pan, Solo and Mute functions: 

  • Mixed Microphone (Sweet processed Mix of all mics) 
  • Neumann™ u87 Microphones 
  • Neumann™ Km 184 Microphones 
  • Coles™ 4038 Microphones 
  • Neve™ SE Ribbon Microphones 
  • Royers R-121s Microphones 

Two additional pro-grade reverb options: 

  • TC6000™ (incl. On/Off, Pan, Spread, Volume) 
  • Bricasti™ (incl. On/Off, Pan, Spread, Volume) 

Recording gear:  

The Studio Steel Drum was recorded through a custom Rupert Neve Desk with 100% analogue Neve pre-amp signal flow. The sounds were then processed through the following physical hardware units: 

  • Manley™ Vari Mu Compressor 
  • Original Urei™ 1175 (Pre-Universal Audio) 
  • Original DBX 160™ 
  • Neve™ 33609 Compressor 
  • Bricasti™ M7 
  • TC Electronics™ 6000 


  • A variety of sampled mallets & beaters 
  • Live Keyswitch & CC Controls over the core articulations 
  • Dynamics Response Control 
  • Sympathetic Resonance Control 
  • True Noise & Room Tone from the untouched signal chain 
  • ADSR Controls 


  • Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later required 
  • Not Compatible with Free Kontakt Player 
  • 12.7GB / 55,800 Samples 
  • PC Quadcore / 2.4GZ+, 8GB ram 
  • Mac Quadcore / 2.6Ghz, 8GB ram 
  • 12.7 GB of free space