Vintage Keyboard Bundle

Vintage Keyboard Bundle

  • Kontakt VST / AU / AAX
  • Vintage Hammond OrganCP70 Electric Piano
  • Studio D6 ClavinetRhodes 54 Piano
  • Wurlitzer 200A
  • Hammond ($30) Also Available in Soundpaint
  • 248,699 Samples / 90GB
  • Multiple stems (Neumann u87, Coles, Neve, AKG)
  • Vintage pristine amplifiers, Leslie cabinets
  • 2 Pro-Grade Reverbs: Bricasti and TC 6000
  • Up to 3 Analog DI Signals and Tape versions
  • Standard and Prepared Articulations (ex. Muted)
  • Intuitive and Advanced 3D Controls
  • Advanced Chaos Effects Systems
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 Full Retail (or later) Required
  • Delivered by Download

Five Vintage Keyboards

The Vintage Keyboard Bundle contains all five Vintage Studio Keyboard volumes: CP70 Electric Grand Piano, B3 Vintage Hammond Organ, Hohner Clavinet D6, Wurlitzer 200A and the Rhodes 54 Vintage Piano. All volumes have multiple available stems (e.g. Neumann u87, Coles, Neve, AKG featured microphones), up to 3 independently processed analog DI signal chains, and various vintage pristine amplifiers and cabinets, such as the classic VOX, the powerful Mesa Boogie, and 2 truly unique Leslie Cabinets. 

We sampled all available pickups, combinations, and incredibly deep options, including vast velocity layers on our Clavinet. We recorded both DI amplifiers and the pure acoustic tone and resonance on our CP-70. We captured prepared articulations across many of our vintage keyboards, as well as individual plucking of tines on our Rhodes 54 and Wurli. From the deep and emotive microphone perspectives, mixes, and saturated tape signals across most of our Vintage Keyboard Series to the independently sampled Leslie Cabinets offering you both the classic Modelled approach, and our industry-defining analog speed-based interval system on our Vintage Organ, we have it all, and then some. 

We wanted to create something definitive and unrivaled, with a range of instruments truly authentic to the originals in every possible way. These keyboards will never need to be sampled again. 



Deep Options

What sets the Studio Vintage Keyboard Series apart from competitors is not just the great recordings, programming, or stunning lay-out, but also the wealth of features that allow you to dial in precisely the sound you want. You can control the dynamic feel of the piano with a single click, resonance, Pick Ups, phase relationship, ADSR, or even the sounds of fingers on the keys.

Vintage Keyboard Bundle

Superior Reverbs

Vintage Keyboard Bundle

We sampled the Keyboards through two of the best studio reverbs in the world: TC6000 and Bricasti, giving you instant access and control over two industry-defining studio reverbs. We sampled the keyboards using a pristine signal path designed by some of the world's best engineers.

World-Class Microphones

The Studio Vintage Keyboard Series gives you access to the best studio microphones, including Neumann u87’s, KM 184’s, Neve SE Ribbons, Royers, and AKG 414’s, and Coles. Along with the mixed microphone option, you also have access to DI Clean, DI Crush and DI Warm.

Vintage Keyboard Bundle



The core concept of the Studio Vintage Series was to capture some of the industries finest and most iconic keyboard based instruments, and sample them in such depth that they simply never need to be sampled ever again. The Vintage Series includes several pristine, gritty, and iconic instruments, such as: 

  • Hohner™ Clavinet D6 
  • Fender™ Rhodes 54 
  • Yamaha™ CP-70 
  • Hammond™ B3 Organ 
  • Wurlitzer™ 200A 

Featured in countless records, movie scores and chart-topping hits, these instruments deserved to be archived and made available for all to enjoy. 


Recorded at a famous British studio with all microphone positions recorded through a custom NEVE desk. All microphones can of course be loaded/unloaded and include Volume, Stereo Spread, Pan, Solo and Mute functions: 

  • Mixed Microphone (Sweet processed Mix of all mics) 
  • Neumann™ u87 Microphones 
  • Neumann™ Km 184 Microphones 
  • Coles™ 4038 Microphones 
  • Neve™ SE Ribbon Microphones 
  • AKG™ 414  Microphones 
  • Royers R-121s Microphones 
  • Vintage VOX Amplifier 
  • Pristine MESA Boogie Amplifier 
  • Up to 3 Individual Analog D.I Signal chains 
  • Vintage Leslie Cabinets 

Two additional pro-grade reverb options: 

  • TC6000™ (incl. On/Off, Pan, Spread, Volume) 
  • Bricasti™ (incl. On/Off, Pan, Spread, Volume) 

Recording gear:  

The Vintage Studio Seires was recorded through a custom Rupert Neve Desk with 100% analogue Neve pre-amp signal flow. The sounds were then processed through the following physical hardware units: 

  • Manley™ Vari Mu Compressor 
  • Original Urei™ 1175 (Pre-Universal Audio) 
  • Original DBX 160™ 
  • Neve™ 33609 Compressor 
  • Bricasti™ M7 
  • TC Electronics™ 6000 
  • Vintage VOX Amplifier 
  • Pristine MESA Boogie Amplifier 
  • Up to 3 Individual D.I Signals 


The Studio Vintage Keyboard Series has a wealth of options available in many of the instruments, including but not limited to: 

  • Uniquely sampled Pick Up selections 
  • Live Keyswitch, CC, & Auto Detect Controls over the core articulations 
  • Velocity Mapper and Dynamic Response Control 
  • Sympathetic Resonance Control 
  • Release Triggers 
  • Hammer Action Control 
  • True Noise & Room Tone from the untouched signal chain 
  • Click, Stacked and Key Control 
  • ADSR Controls 
  • Uniquely sampled vintage amplifiers 


  • Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later required 
  • Not Compatible with Free Kontakt Player 
  • 90 GB, 276,295 Samples 
  • PC Quadcore / 2.4GZ+, 8GB ram 
  • MAC Quadcore / 2.6Ghz, 8GB ram