Opera Soprano Maria

Opera Soprano Maria

  • Kontakt VST / AU / AAX
  • Also Available in Soundpaint ($40) with 127 Dynamic Layers
  • Operatic Ornaments, Phrases, Syllables, Legatos, Sustains, Arcs, Effects
  • 160+ Articulations
  • Over 6.5K Samples
  • 3.18GB
  • Kontakt 6.1 Full Retail (or later) Required

High-End Drama 

Embark on a captivating musical journey with Opera Soprano Maria, as she brings the beauty of operatic vocals directly to your compositions. Our distinguished vocalist, Maria, lends her extraordinary talent to this library, delivering mesmerizing solos from iconic operas such as "The Marriage of Figaro," "La Sonnambula," "Bambino," and more. Maria's soul-stirring performances weave a rich tapestry of sounds, allowing you to infuse your compositions with the timeless magic of these revered masterpieces.

Within this meticulously crafted collection, discover an array of vocal intricacies and expression with individual syllables and unique vocal effects,ornaments and legatos offering you unparalleled flexibility in shaping your musical narratives.

This opera vocal library is not just a compilation of sounds; it's an invitation to create with authenticity and emotion. Whether you're composing for film, video games, or other multimedia projects, Maria's vocals seamlessly integrate, elevating your work to new artistic heights. Let Maria's voice become the soul of your compositions, invoking the timeless emotions that only a soprano of her caliber can evoke.



Opera Soprano Maria Walkthrough

Opera Soprano Maria in Soundpaint

Custom Legion UI

Operatic Soprano: Maria contains the familiar Legion user-interface, allowing you to access the wealth of phrases in the library quickly and easily. The user-interface also contains a range of effects, mix, and EQ options. The upgrade includes a range of custom presets and TM Pro patches which sync the phrases to your host DAW.

Opera Soprano Maria

Hundreds of Articulations

Opera Soprano Maria

Operatic Soprano: Maria contains a unique set of custom operatic style syllables. These patches work perfectly in combination with the well-known operatic phrases or can be used separately to enrich your score. 

Ornaments and Effects

Maria also contains dozens of ornaments and FX that are not only applicable to operatic vocals, but expanding into experimental vocals as well. Maria provides a wealth of articulations to take your compositions outside the realm of the theatrics to new and innovative styles of composition as well.

Opera Soprano Maria