Warm Studio Woodwinds Solo Bass Clarinet

Warm Studio Woodwinds Solo Bass Clarinet

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  • 2.67GB / 5,947 Samples
  • Deep-Sampled Bass Clarinet
  • 26 Symmetrical Articulations
  • Instant access to all articulations via browser
  • Advanced Individual Instrument Controls
  • Tempo Synced & Measured Articulations
  • Fluent Mic Control (Near-Field to Ambient)
  • Master patch & individual patches per articulation
  • Delivered by Download
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 Full Retail (or later) Required

Intimate Solo Bass Clarinet

We traveled all the way to Glasgow, Scotland to record the latest creation in our series of contemporary ensembles, the Warm Studio Woodwinds: Solo Bass Clarinet. The sessions gave us over 160 hours of recorded material and countless more in post-production. We captured each player in this series at Gorbals Sounds, a legendary studio that’s hosted such artists as Labrinth, CHVRCHES, and The Temper Trap.  

Taken directly from our Intimate Studio Woodwinds series, The Solo Bass Clarinet has everything you’ll need to create pure woodwind melodies. Choose from a vast collection of 26 articulations, including traditional ones such as Staccato, Staccatissimo, Sustains, Trills, and Legato or more nuanced techniques such as Measured Tremolo, Triplets, and Tuplets. The Legato articulation itself is wildly lyrical and emotive. Make sure to check out the Arcs and Effects, too; they contain dynamically layered arcs and runs, scoops, and flutter tonguing.  

You’ll also be able to control individual volume, panning, and output routing from our advanced interface. The new distance control freely blends a direct signal and a more spacious and ambient microphone position. Note that each player in this series was recorded simultaneously, meaning that no matter your combination of instruments, the Solo Bass Clarinet will fit with any ensemble and sing beautifully. We hope you enjoy our latest continuation of the completely modular ensemble! 





Advanced Browsing

Warm Studio Woodwinds allows you to load whichever articulations are needed for your project and save them as custom patches, with dozens of playing styles organized into four core categories: Traditional, Arcs, Performance, and Effects. Everything is conveniently housed in one easy to use interface, so you can focus on making music even faster!

Warm Studio Woodwinds Solo Bass Clarinet

Instrument Mixer

Warm Studio Woodwinds Solo Bass Clarinet

Each instrument features control over Volume, Pan, Mute, Solo, and our unique Microphone Distance Control for complete control over your studio sound. The master controls include Dynamics, Expression, Speed, and Sample Offset.

Individual Articulations

Warm Studio Woodwinds was created from over 160 hours of pristine studio recordings. Each articulation was captured and curated with the greatest of care, and all instruments were recorded simultaneously, in true isolation.

Warm Studio Woodwinds Solo Bass Clarinet