Century Countdown


  • My countdown is for late next year when the price will drop drastically.

  • crychlyd

    If Century Strings is still a thing, where will Anthology fit into the lineup?

    • My guess is Anthology (being a version of Adagio) will remain the emotional and “imperfect” sounding intimate strings whereas Century will cover more traditional and controlled scoring sounds. Don’t quote me on that yet though.

  • Manuel Ortega García

    Sounds amazing! <3

  • Daniel Raab

    What about Century Woodwinds? There isn’t a single woodwinds library out there, that meets my phrasing demands.

    • Caden Welborn

      No Spitfire Audio’s Symphonic Woodwinds or Orchestral Tools’ Berlin Woodwinds? I’m genuinely curious because I’ve been looking at getting a new woodwind library.

      • If you wait around long enough I’m sure Embertone will release a full woodwinds library. Those guys are at the top of the list when it comes to next gen wind instruments.

        • Caden Welborn

          Indeed their solo woodwind instruments are extremely good–I own their Shire Whistle, Crystal Flute, and a number of other instruments of theirs. I doubt them actually spending time and money on recording section instruments as a group though, seeing as how they’ve never done that before.

  • Desolo Zantas

    From my guesses woodwinds and percussion will be here next winter, updates to old instruments and new hybrid instruments will fill in the gaps.

  • Desolo Zantas

    I’m still waiting for some new solo strings

  • ChordieApp

    you know, a lot of people (especially me) would pay a ton of money for a tutorial series that shows how Michal, Troels or Colin mixes their compositions. that’s half the sound right there..

  • Yeaahhhhhh, strings baby, strings.

  • Michael Burns

    Really like the arc 2 bows across the strings.. nice call. Wondering what you’re going to cover in the way of measured / timed repetitions? I always find these really bring my cues together really nicely and add that extra air of realism, are these going to be covered at all? didn’t see them in the articulations window! 😮

  • ChordieApp

    Why do all of your libraries have so much reverb baked into them? This sounds amazing, but it can’t be used for pop projects or situations where small dry string sections need to be used. Maybe it’s just the demos and how you mix them, but it seems like these are only usable on film scores and trailers.

    • 8Dio pretty much only caters to film scores and trailers, so it’s to be expected.

  • David Morton

    Anyone know when the freebie is coming? It says Jan ’18 but I was told it would be coming shortly a few days ago.

    • Looks like they reneged on the free pack ’cause they thought everyone was going to buy up the string library like crazy but then realised everyone spent their money on Century Brass and the Advent deals. Not too smart to release 2 flagship libraries in one month along with a string of sales. Reminds me of Konami’s “Month of Madness” way back when.

      • 8diocom


        • Calm down there, tiger. We don’t want you to blast off out of the atmosphere on all that Christmas cheer, now.