Studio Quartet Violin Viola Cello Bass

The SQS (Studio Quartet Series) Solo Cello contains 88 different deep-sampled articulations, including multiple layered types of real polyphonic legato, 14 types of short notes, dozens of arcs, tempo-synced ostinatos and a massive assortment of expressive bowings and real Con Sordino.


The Studio Solo Cello contains a range of short notes never before captured at this level of articulation and depth. Featuring over thirty short note based sound-sets including a multitude of fully playable tempo synchronized phrases. Each set of short note articulations contains up to six round-robin repetitions at a variety of dynamic intensities, allowing you to shape the exact strength and rhythmic flow needed for your composition. So why capture so many short notes? Every note, phrase or passage can articulate in an almost infinite amount of ways. From Martelé, the sounding of a note with the bow already on the string with equal up and down repetitions for a clean and soft attack, to Volante, a “flying” up bow Staccato, played with multiple notes in a single bow. To Colé, an off the string Staccato which utilizes an artificial bounce to sound brushed and abrupt, to further extended techniques such as the use of fingers, nails, slapping, bows, and the application of subtle vibrato. As well as of course the length of the bow, directionality, speed and use of Riccochét techniques including other organically captured micro performances.


Solo Viola, and Bass coming Summer of 2020

The 8Dio SQS (Studio Quartet Series) Solo Violin marks a new leap in sampling for us.  We recorded one of the greatest solo violinists alive today.  A principal violinist of the BBC and other orchestras.  Ultra Deep-Sampled with 88 articulations ranging from true polyphonic legato to a wealth of short-note options, dozens of velocity-based arcs, twelve different Ostinatos, and performance-based articulations.


The Studio Solo Violin marks countless hours of critical recording and capturing of essential musical performances, which through proprietary post-production have been carefully curated and crafted into a fully playable solo instrument. Featuring only the best in musicianship, the Solo Violin has all the intricacy and passion you would expect, capable of dynamic and moving performances, through to authentically virtuosic playing. Recorded in a controlled studio environment, the Violin was captured in incredible detail and without compromise utilizing two dual-microphone techniques. This combined method allows you too freely blend between a direct signal and a more spacious and ambient position, enabling you to control the positioning and distance of the Violin accurately.


Solo Viola, and Bass coming Summer of 2020