Meet Mark Deustsch & The Bazantar

This video goes behind the scenes on the 8Dio recordings of Mark Deutsch's Bazantar.

The Bazantar was designed and constructed by world reknowed artist, Mark Deutsch and there is only one in existence. The core of the Bazantar is a heavily modified 5 string upright bass. The instrument has 4 additional main strings and 29 resonating strings, which are mounted underneath the main strings. This advanced combination of strings gives the Bazantar a sound and range which is so unique it has its own patent. We sampled the Bazantar in two different ways. First we recorded all the core articulations (ex. Plucked, Bowed Sustains, Swells, Percussive Tabs etc.) as multi-samples and then we did extensive phrase-sampling of the instrument, so you have the best of both worlds. The Bazantar was recorded with close and far microphone positions in. Rich church environment.

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