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Rated 4.83 out of 5 stars

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Gift of Time
by NewCompositionMan (01/18/2018)
I fell in love with the sounds before I got a chance to test them out. I got them as a gift (with so...


Rated 4 out of 5 stars


  • Sale Price: $18 Regular Price: $38
  • Clocks. Tick. Tock.
  • Kontakt VST / AU / AAX
  • +780 Unique Clock Samples
  • Percussive Tool For Driving Motion & Rhythm
  • Including Both Real Clocks & Other Clocks
  • Chaos FX Engine
  • Built In Hybrid Tools Custom 3D User-Interface
  • Instant REVERSE, RANDOM, STACK and CHAOS features
  • Product only available as Direct Download
  • Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.6 (or later) Required

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  • 8Dio Clocks

    8Dio Clocks

    Feat. Francesca

  • 8Dio Clocks

    8Dio Clocks

    Feat. Robin Hall

  • 8Dio Clocks

    8Dio Clocks

    Feat. Sergey Ivanov

Clocks overview

Foreword: “… In 2007 I bought this Stainless Steel Egg Timer from Ikea. I sampled it with different microphones and from different distances and have used it ever since in most of my music. The “tick-tock” sound is not only a symbol of motion, rhythm and time. But it also tends to sit in its own little frequency spectrum – not interfering with other sounds. So its great as subconscious pulse-machine of sorts, since it just helps accentuate and propel the rhythm. 10 years later … and we are now releasing this collection containing over 780 Tick Tock sounds, including The Ikea Egg Timer samples that started it all and tons of new sources” (Troels Folmann)

8Dio Clocks is the largest collection of tick-tock timepieces. Stop Watches, Egg Timers, Wrist Watches, Grand Father Clocks and hundreds of other unique tick-tocky sound sources. The Clocks are highly effective for boosting your rhythm and adding a feeling of pace and suspense. The collection contains several hundred tick-tock sounds, so it’s highly recommended to blend and layer them together. 8Dio Clocks is a sample library dedicated to the highly popular Ticky-Track Sounds – designed by 8Dio’s masterful sound designers and Academy, T.E.C and G.A.N.G Award Winning Producer, Troels Folmann.

Tick. Tock.

8Dio Clocks is supreme for driving motion and highlighting rhythms. The library contains all the clock sounds you’ill ever need with sound-sources from the famous Ikea Egg to Vintage Alarm Clocks, Pocket Watches, Upright Clocks, Digital & Electronic Clocks and a variety of different relay elements. We promise you a dedicated clock library with all the clock-sounds you will ever need.

Ticky-Tocky Percussive Tool

8Dio Clocks is built into our latest Hybrid Cinematic 3D User-Interface, which also includes its own step-sequencer, so you can create advanced pulses by cycling through various clock sounds. It also includes our famous CHAOS FX engine which allows you to stack several different Clock patches together or combine them for eg. our modern drum kits, to really highlight the different motion and rhythms in your composition.

The Clocks Way

Each clock sound was recorded with several Round-Robin repetitions which are laid over the keyboard for uncompromising control over the sounds. To extend the possibilities of getting more and more tick-tock effects we added our time-tested FX Chaos Engine. Added step-sequenced filters, 3-band equalizer, degrader, stereo delay and two convolution engines to make the sound unrecognizable.

Control the CHAOS

Our CHAOS Effects Engine allows you to STACK, RANDOMIZE, REVERSE and CHAOS any or ALL patches with a single click. Stacking allows you to stack several different Clock patches together or combine several of our modern drum kits. Reverse allows you to reverse any sample with a single click. The deeper parts of the chaos engine offer you control over dozens of sample parameters. You randomize whatever you want – with just a single click.

Real Clocks

  • Real Clock 1
  • Real Clock 2
  • Real Clock 3
  • Real Clock 4
  • Real Clock 5
  • Real Clock 6
  • Real Clock 7
  • Real Clock 8

Other Clocks

  • Other Clocks 1
  • Other Clocks 2
  • Other Clocks 3
  • Other Clocks 4
  • Other Clocks 5
  • Other Clocks 6
  • Other Clocks 7
  • Other Clocks 8
  • Chaos FX Engine
    • Instant CHAOS (randomize parameters)
    • Instant REVERSE (one click to reverse it all)
    • Instant RANDOM (randomize all patches)
    • Instant STACKING (stack any patch you want)
    • Instant ARP Sequencer
    • Delay
    • Degrader (Bit Crusher)
    • EQ
    • Filter
    • Gate
    • Convolution Reverb
    • Transform (Alternative Convolution Reverb)
  • Modwheel control of filter
  • Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.6+ required / Not compatible with free Kontakt Player
  • Kontakt 5.6 is 32 and 64-bit compatible on both PC and MAC platforms
  • Clocks Full-Size 125MB
  • Runs as a stand-alone application, VST®, Audio Units plug-in, AAX® under Pro Tools
  • 8 GB of RAM or more is highly recommended
  • 11 Kontakt .nki files
  • 780+ samples
  • Sample resolution: 44.1Khz / 24Bit stereo .wav, .ncw format
  • Format(s): Kontakt