Sequential Prophet X/XL Add-On 7 The Prodigy

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  • Price: $48
    Deep-Sampled Custom Patches Using The MOOG Prodigy
  • 20 Custom Instruments
  • 16 Programs featuring A/B Modes (32 preset layers)
  • 837 Samples
  • Raw Oscillators (ex. Sawtooth, Triangle, Pulse etc)
  • 0.5 GB Download Uncompressed
  • Product only available as Direct Download
  • Prophet X or XL Hardware Synth Required
  • The Prophet X or XL must be running OS (v2.1) or higher. The latest Operating System can be found HERE
  • ** Not compatible with Kontakt

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Sequential Prophet X/XL Add-On 7 The Prodigy overview

We are incredibly excited to announce our seventh Official Add-On pack for the Prophet X, & Prophet XL Hardware Synthesizer, The Prodigy. 

The Prodigy is a two-oscillator monophonic synthesizer manufactured throughout the late 70s to the early 80s, inspiring an era of electronic music by becoming the de facto bass synthesizer of the time. 

The Prodigy’s simple yet effective design contains two voltage-controlled oscillators. Allowing you to select a saw, triangle or pulse wave shape on oscillator 1, and saw, triangle, and square wave shape on oscillator 2. All perfectly captured and available in this unique Add-On Pack. One of the more popular sounds generated by the Prodigy comes from the ability to sync one oscillator with the other, creating its signature tone. Artists like Depeche Mode, Fatboy Slim, Blur, and of course, The Prodigy (band) all used this iconic instrument within their productions. 

The Prodigy is capable of creating a full range of sounds, from a soaring lead in the upper registers to ground trembling bass down low. The LFO in the Prodigy also featured a triangle and square waveform which could be routed to the VCO or VCF to create classic vibrato and filter effects. All this and more can be reproduced within the Prophet X/XL with all the available advanced routings and modulators. The Prodigy is most known for its beautifully warm and thick low end and was designed to be an excellent fit for Sound Designers of all skill levels. 

The Prodigy had just enough features to allow musicians to create an enormous assortment of sounds with ease. Now 40 years later, you can combine the iconic sounds of the classic Prodigy with the latest features of your Prophet X or Prophet XL, including true polyphony. Expect thick basses, techno style leads, synthetic brass, and an assortment of lush pad-like textures that perfectly captures the sound of generations now passed. 

Stay tuned for more exclusive Prophet X & XL add-ons coming soon. We hope you enjoy this authentic vintage experience on your Prophet X & XL.

*MOOG (Prodigy)® is a registered trademark of MOOG Music Incorporated.

Prodigy Instruments:

  • Pulse
  • Pulse Saw 1
  • Pulse Saw 2
  • Pulse Square
  • Saw
  • Saw Sat
  • Saw Saw
  • Saw Saw Sat
  • Saw Saw 5th 1
  • Saw Saw 5th 2
  • Saw Saw 5th Sat 1
  • Saw Saw 5th Sat 2
  • Saw Tri
  • Tri
  • Tri LFO 1
  • Tri LFO 2
  • Tri LFO Sat 1
  • Tri LFO Sat 2Tri Tri
  • Tri Tri 5th

Bank A1 (89-104)

  • A1/89 – Sol Bass A & B
  • A1/90 – Fig Bass A & B
  • A1/91 – Boa Bass A & B
  • A1/92 – Fil Bass A & B
  • A1/93 – Brass Lead A & B
  • A1/94 – HypoLead A & B
  • A1/95 – Igni Lead A & B
  • A1/96 – Nitro Lead A & B
  • A1/97 – Iron Pluck A & B
  • A1/98 – Java Pluck A & B
  • A1/99 – Cone Pluck A & B
  • A1/100 – Coil Pluck A & B
  • A1/101 – Blade Pad A & B
  • A1/102 – Bat Pad A & B
  • A1/103 – Incept Pad A & B
  • A1/104 – Code Pad A & B
  • Size: 0.5 GB (Uncompressed)
  • Files: 837 Audio Files
  • Resolution: 16 bit / 48 kHz (Down-Sampled from 24 bit / 96 kHz)
  • 25 Deep-Sampled Original Instruments
  • 16 Hand Designed and Stackable Presets with A/B Modes