Studio Tenor Saxophone

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Rated 4.75 out of 5 stars

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Stunning, expressive
by Ron Mahonin (06/14/2020)
We've used other libraries, VSTi's before. Nothing compares to how sensual this package is - price i...


Rated 5 out of 5 stars


  • Sample Aid: $48
  • From The Studio Saxophones Library
  • 2.5 GB Installed Size (Samples 5300+)
  • Deep-Sampled Studio Saxophones
  • Advanced Instrument Control
  • Deep Sampled Solo Tenor Saxophone
  • Full Per Instrument Mixer
  • Advanced Layered Legatos
  • Tempo Synchronised & Measured Articulations
  • Fluent Microphone Control (Near-Field and Ambient) Positions
  • Product only available as Direct Download
  • Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.8 (or later) Required

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Studio Tenor Saxophone overview

Studio Series Tenor Saxophone marks 8Dio’s continual commitment to pushing boundaries not only in technologies but also in advanced techniques to achieve a modern, playable, and fully customizable studio sound. The Tenor Saxophone is one of a family of over 14 instruments within the saxophone family. The Tenor saxophone first gained popularity in military bands and usually played within a quartet. The saxophone quickly became a standard instrument in concert bands, and the Tenor Saxophone is often used as a member of the orchestra, gospel music. It is also heavily featured as a solo instrument in Jazz music. Recently the Saxophone has gained popularity in modern pop music being featured with artists link “Lady Gaga,” “Katy Perry” and “The Weekend.”

The Studio Tenor Saxophone has its own fully capable mixer with functions such as Solo, Mute, Output Routing, Volume, and Panning. All featured alongside our more advanced offerings such as the new Distance Control, which seamlessly blends between an upfront, direct and dry signal to a wider and more spacious signal.

We wanted to give you direct access to dozens of advanced articulations and modern playing styles with a full range of tempo-synced articulations (relevant articulations only). Our Intimate Studio Series is the next step in a new journey to deliver the highest caliber of players in the most advanced virtual instruments to date.

Note: This library is also included within the Studio Saxophones

Individual Instrument Mixer

8Dio Studio Series Tenor Saxophone gives the option of complete control over the sound of your Saxophone with a full-featured mixer and a range of options, including the ability to adjust the overall mix, balance, distance, panning, and more to further customize your Saxophone sound. Whether you are looking for a close up dry studio sound, a more roomy sound, or expressive sound-designed pads, the studio saxophone has you covered.

Deep and Articulated

The articulation matrix in the Intimate Studio Series is based on over 1000 hours of pristine studio recordings across our Intimate Studio Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, and Saxophone libraries. These instruments have truly been deep sampled with the greatest care to detail, with all articulations symmetrically recorded and laid out for each instrument. Allowing you the complete ability to blend, mix, and create your very own sound. Each volume gives you a seemingly infinite amount of possibilities to create your very own custom orchestra.

Instant Features

All articulations are loaded into our new unified user interface. So there is no longer the need to load additional patches or use an external file browser. Everything is conveniently built together, so you can focus on making music faster and with complete freedom. Create your own custom articulation matrix in a few simple clicks and just start composing. Truly make this instrument your own by saving custom snapshots to recall in future projects.

Poly Legato & Chaos Effects

The Studio Tenor Saxophone now also features our latest Chaos Effects 4.0, allowing you to customize the signal path and post-processing of your ensemble with over 140 impulse responses, stereo delays, EQ, and much more. We have also included our latest extended articulation patches. These patches gives you the ability to use our “Poly-Time” articulations to playback Arcs at a speed that suits your composition, as well as fluently and effortlessly play all the Performance-driven playing styles in a legato manner, allowing for flowing melodic lines. We have also implemented our latest “Chordal” legato mode, which features a true polyphonic legato with accurately sampled intervals, enabling you to play multiple harmonies within a single track.

  • Staccato
  • Staccatissimo
  • Staccatissimo II
  • Marcato
  • Sustains
  • Sustains Vib
  • Legato
  • Trill Whole
  • Trill Half
  • Flutter Tongue
  • Scoops Slow
  • Scoops Fast
  • Runs 5th Down Slow
  • Runs 5th Up Slow
  • Runs 5th Down Fast
  • Runs 5th Up Fast
  • Runs Oct Down Slow
  • Runs Oct Up Slow
  • Runs Oct Down Fast
  • Runs Oct Up Fast
  • Tuplets
  • Triplets
  • Daa Da (Swing Performance)
  • Daa Da Da (Swing Performance)
  • Da Daa Da (Swing Performance)
  • Measured Tremolo
  • Short p-mp-p
  • Short mp-mf-mp
  • Short mf-f-mf
  • Short f-ff-f
  • Medium p-mp-p
  • Medium mp-mf-mp
  • Medium mf-f-mf
  • Medium f-ff-f
  • Long p-mp-p
  • Long mp-mf-mp
  • Long mf-f-mf
  • Long f-ff-f
  • Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.8+ required / Not compatible with free Kontakt Player
  • Runs as host or stand-alone application, VST® or Audio Units plug-in, AAX® under Pro Tools
  • Minimum: Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU. 6 GB of RAM or more is highly recommended. For TMPro Patches, i7 or equivalent is highly recommended.
  • Studio Solo Saxophone requires 6GB of Hard Drive Space
  • 6 GB of RAM or more is highly recommended
  • Sample resolution: 48Khz / 24Bit stereo .wav, .ncw format
  • Format(s): Kontakt