Studio Vintage Series: Studio Organ for Kontakt VST-AU-AAX

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Rated 5.00 out of 5 stars

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greatest HAMMOND ever made
by Ricky Milson (11/25/2017)
I have played real hammonds and this one is closer then any virtual plugin ever used. the amount of...


Rated 5 out of 5 stars


  • Price: $148
  • Kontakt VST / AU / AAX
  • Save 60% on the Vintage Keyboard Bundle
  • 40,500 Samples. 15 GB HDD (compressed from 35 GB)
  • 2 available stems, for spot and room (incl. Neumann u87, Coles, Neve, AKG featured microphones on 2 individual vintage and pristine Leslie Cabinets)
  • 2 Pro-Grade Reverbs (Bricasti and TC).
  • 2 Authentic Analog D.I Signals
  • Sustains, Staccato, Spiccato, Percussion (with RR)
  • Intuitive and Advanced 3D Controls. Advanced Chaos Effects Systems
  • Product only available as Direct Download
  • Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.6 (or later) Required

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  • Hammond®  Vintage Organ

    Hammond® Vintage Organ


  • Hammond®  Vintage Organ

    Hammond® Vintage Organ


  • Suitcase 54 Piano

    Suitcase 54 Piano


Studio Vintage Series: Studio Organ for Kontakt VST-AU-AAX overview

8Dio Studio Vintage Series represents the most comprehensively deep-sampled collection of vintage keyboards.

The 8Dio Studio Vintage Organ is no exception, being a faithful representation of our very own B2 – B3 Hybrid Hammond®  Organ.

Having toured with some of the industries finest musicians and featured on a magnitude of headline festival stages, this work of art deserved to be archived and available for all to play.

This hybrid Hammond®  Organs tone and color are indicitive to the era. With a timbre so raw and pure it is simply unmatchable.

While many other attempts at capturing factory standard Hammonds®  in the past featured heavily on the Direct signal (D.I). We instead purposely chose to record the Organ in it’s natural state. Using vintage and immaculately maintained Leslie cabinets. In fact we used two independent Leslie’s, (and blew up a third). One to capture the genre defining rotations at all speeds, and another with a modified motor to record the pure unhindered tone of the Leslie itself.

Both of these Leslie’s are available within the 8Dio Vintage Organ. “Analog” showcases the natural acoustics of the Hammond®  Leslie and its expressive spinning states. Whereas “Modelled“ highlights the static, non spinning, pure timbre of the Leslie cabinet. Instead with a virtual rotation applied. This allows you to choose the tone and workflow that best suits you.

It has been our mission to push sampling forwards in our entire vintage keys range. From realism to playability 8Dio Studio Vintage Organ offers the best of all worlds.

Deep Sampling

The Vintage Hammond®  Organ contains over  40,500 samples, all intergrated into a fully 3D interface. Loving recorded & processed at 24bit / 96k at our British Studio through an extremely special custom Neve desk before being carefully down sampled to 48k for ease of streaming. With the best of all microphone stems and mixes available to you directly through the interfaces built in mixer sections.

Deep Options

What sets the Hammond®  Vintage Organ apart from competitors is not just the great recordings, programming or stunning layout. But it is also the wealth of features – allowing you to dial in precisely the sound you want. Whether it’s controlling the mix of draw bar tones, the percussion settings, the true internal effects, right down to the choice of Leslie cabinets and spinning modes. No engineering degree required. It all just makes sense and is right at your finger tips.

Superior Reverbs

We sampled the Hammond®  Organ through two of the best studio reverbs in the world (TC6000 and Bricasti), so you get access to the sweetest sound of all. The reverbs can be activated with a single click and gives you instant access and control over the two reverbs that have defined studio reverbs more than anything else. You can control both pan, spread and volume of reverbs. No more convolution. We literally sampled the Vintage Hammond Organ through them using a pristine signal path designed by some of the worlds best engineers.

World-Class Microphones

The Hammond®  Vintage Organ gives you access to the best studio microphones, including Neumann u87’s & KM 184’s. Neve SE Ribbons, Royers, AKG 414’s all pointing to 2 independent Leslie Cabinets, and of course a powerful and dynamic mixed microphone position made from them all. So, in essence, you have multiple cabinets, microphone positions, reverbs, and a truly vintage DI Crush and DI Warm channels… Engineering doesn’t get finer than this, allowing you to literally dial in precisely what sound you want with a few simple clicks.

Chaos FX

The Vintage Hammond®  Organ contains our Chaos FX system, which allows you to virtually do anything you desire to the Organ. Whether its modulation, precision dial EQ, bit-crush or distort, stereo-delay or mess around with dual convolution reverbs. We also added our latest convolution, which allows you create Textural Convolution Delays on top of the existing stereo-delay and convolution reverb.

Main Articulations:

  • Sustains
  • Staccato (with Round Robin Repetitions)
  • Spiccato (with Round Robin Repetitions)

Recorded at a famous British studio with all microphone positions processed through a custom NEVE desk. All microphones can of course be loaded/unloaded and include Volume, Stereo Spread, Pan, Solo and Mute functions:

  • Mixed Microphone (Sweet processed Mix of all mics)
  • Spot Mix Position
  • Room Mix Position
  • Used microphone include, Neumann™ u87, Neumann™ Km 184, Coles™ 4038, Neve™ SE Ribbon, AKG™ 414, Royers R-121s
  • Vintage Leslie Cabinet (Spinning Slow & Fast)
  • Vintage Leslie Cabinet (Static with modelled spinning)
  • 2 Individually processed analog D.I Signals

Two additional pro-grade reverb options:

  • TC6000™ (incl. On/Off, Pan, Spread, Volume)
  • Bricasti™ (incl. On/Off, Pan, Spread, Volume)

The Vintage Hammond ® Organ was recorded through a custom Rupert Neve Desk with 100% analogue Neve pre-amp signal flow. The sounds were then processed through the following physical hardware units:

  • Manley™ Vari Mu Compressor
  • Original Urei™ 1175 (Pre-Universal Audio)
  • Original DBX 160™
  • Neve™ 33609 Compressor
  • Bricasti™ M7
  • TC Electronics™ 6000
  • 2 Individual D.I Signals

The Vintage Hammond ® Organ has a wealth of options, including:

  • Uniquely sampled Leslie Cabinets
  • Truly analog spinning modes with captured speed intervals
  • Modelled spinning options also available for the best of both worlds
  • Independent Speed controls
  • True internal effects
  • Live Key switch & CC Controls over the core articulations
  • True Noise & Room Tone from the untouched signal chain
  • Advanced percussion options
  • Fully capable drawbar mixer
  • Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.6 or later required
  • Not Compatible with Free Kontakt Player
  • Ability to download
  • 15 GB / 40, 500 Samples
  • PC Quadcore / 2.4GZ+, 8GB ram
  • MAC Quadcore / 2.6Ghz, 8GB ram