Electric Cello

Electric Cello

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  • Deep-Sampled Electric Cello
  • Fusion Modeling Technology
  • 8,863 Samples / 4.83GB
  • 3 Sustain Types (Non-Vib, Vib, Marcato Vib)
  • 4 Trills, Tremolo & Harmonics
  • Spiccato Short & Saltando (Round Robin Based)
  • Pizzicato, Bartok  & Col Legno (Round Robin Based)
  • Staccato (Round Robin Based)
  • 6 Dynamic Bowings (synced)
  • Layered Legato (6 different types) w/ Flow-Bow™
  • Vibrato options using Fusion Modeling™
  • Delivered by Download
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 Full Retail (or later) Required

Electrify the Strings

The 8Dio Electric Cello is the follow-up to our Electric Violin – both featuring our newest Fusion Modeling techniques – giving you unprecedented ability to control the instrument. The end-result is an incredibly acrobatic instrument that allows you to play legato as fast as you want with complete fluency and playability. The new Fusion Modeling offers you the choice to use Physical Modeling techniques for vibrato or conventional crossfaded deep-sampling. We also added our new Flow-Bow™ technology to all legato sustains, so you can repeat the same note and get natural variation in it. All you have to do is hold down your sustain pedal and a new repeated note will be generated in sustains. 

The Electric Cello also contains a wealth of short-notes, including pizzicato, spiccato, saltando, staccato, bartok, con-legno etc. We included our new Bow-Bouncer, which allows you to quickly generate complicated short-note patterns with a single click on the keyboard. Also included is 6 variations of Dynamic Bowings and Trills going all the way from Half-Notes to Perfect Fourth. 

You also get things like harmonics, col legno and 7 assorted banks of Electric Cello effects. 

The Electric Cello contains two different FX systems, including our Chaos FX 3.2. You literally have any FX you can think of (Dual Convolution, Arp, Chorus, Skreamer, Distortion, Phaser, Rotator, Dual Stereo Delay, Bit Crusher etc) at your fingertips. 

The Electric Cello also contains a large section of small naturally occurring artifact sounds (ex. x-noises). You can fully control the volume and frequency of them, but they help create a more realistic experience by adding small imperfections into your playing style. We could go on and on, but words are not enough to describe this instrument. 

Check our videos and demos for the full experience. 





Legato with Fusion Modeling™

The Electric Cello contains over 8,800 samples and three different types of layered legato with Fusion Modeling™. You can choose to play your with either Physically Modeled Vibrato or traditional deep-sampled legato. We also created a more dramatic “Marcato Legato” option for more aggressive playing styles. All legatos include our new Flow-Bow™ technology, giving you the ability to play repeated notes with sustain pedal down.

Electric Cello

Custom FX

Electric Cello

The Electric Cello is incredibly sensitive to effects input, so we decided to create a custom FX system. The custom FX rack allows you to control Chorus, Skreamer, Distortion, Rotator, and Phaser. The Electric Cello can sound incredibly powerful with distortion-based effects.

Chaos FX

The Electric Cello also includes our latest Chaos FX engine, which allows you to virtually do anything you desire to the Cello. You can redesign the layout by key-control, create a step-based filter sequencer, precision dial EQ, bit-crush or distort, stereo-delay, and more!

Electric Cello