The Bible of Salsa Bundle

The Bible of Salsa Bundle

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  • The Deepest-Sampled Pop, Latin & Salsa Collection Ever
  • Bundle contains Volume 1, Volume 2, & Volume 3
  • 41.24GB / 53,000+ Samples
  • Fire Trombone Also Available in Soundpaint ($20)
  • 5 Deep Sampled Instrument Categories
  • Brass, Baby Bass, Piano, & Vocals
  • 11-Piece Percussion Section
  • Lively, Bubbly Polyphonic Brass Legatos
  • Polyphonic Phrase Legatos
  • Multiple Rhythmic Variations Sampled in 22 Substyles
  • Brand New Advanced User Interface
  • Delivered by Download
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 Full Retail (or later) Required

The Bible of Pop, Latin, & Salsa Bundle

We traveled to Cali, Colombia, the self-proclaimed “World Capital of Salsa,” to record the most in-depth Salsa collection ever produced and push the limits of modern sampling. Surrounded by stellar musicians and the amazing energy Latino artists have, we spent months recording what would become this jewel that is “The Bible of Latin & Salsa.” Our trip to Colombia was well worth it, as we managed to capture the authentic Sabor that can only be heard in places where an artform is more than a hobby, but life itself. We heard salsa, learned salsa, lived salsa, and created one of our proudest achievements. 

The Bible of Latin & Salsa is the only collection you will ever need to dive deep into this masterpiece and rich style of music. With this collection you can go as far as you want: score a tune in a couple of minutes with prepared rhythms, phrases, bass lines, unison brass, choirs, or dive deeper with the sampled brass and percussion sections. 

Every instrument throughout the collection was recorded by the same players, at the same studio, with the same settings, ensuring that no matter which patch you choose, all instruments will have the same timbre. This allows you to go back and forth between volumes, cherry picking those stellar lines that will be the bricks of your tune. 





Sub Styles

The Bible of Pop, Latin, & Salsa contains more than 20 rhythmic sections that explore this wonderful type of music. We have son, classic salsa, heavy salsa, and any substyle you can ever think of, played with perfection. Choose any instrument from dozens of percussions, bass, or even a piano and build the perfect rhythmic section for your tune.

The Bible of Salsa Bundle

Cherry-pick your sound

The Bible of Salsa Bundle

With all the instruments available in this bundle, you can cherry-pick which instruments sound and which don’t… Well – you got it! Although The Bible of Salsa was recorded with all instruments simultaneously, we isolated every one of them so that you can choose which ones you want to play with!

User Interface

With a new genre of instruments comes a brand new GUI! All the essential controls are accessible right on the front page: Dynamics, Sample Offset, ADSR, Tuning, Speed, Gate, and Polyphonic Legato (where available). If you need more Sound Design options, we have you covered with our popular 4-Part X/Y Effects Engine and Chaos effects.

The Bible of Salsa Bundle