Instrument Comparison Series: Hybrid Cinema

Instrument Comparison Series: Hybrid Cinema

You will find about thirty instruments in our Hybrid Cinema category at 8Dio. Many of these are easy to distinguish from one another (Shepard Tones, for example, is a collection of Shepard Tones). But many of these libraries are collections of many different types of effects, so it can be difficult to find the perfect match for your needs. Let’s take a look at some of our Hybrid Tools libraries:

Hybrid Tools Vol. 1

  • Boomers, Distortions, Downers, Impacts
  • Mega-Horns, Risers, Transforming Sounds, Whooshes
  • Hybrid Rhythms, 45 Hybrid Synths and 30 New Presets

Think The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon. Great to choose for its original sounds that started the great Hybrid Tools series, the Boomers, Impacts, Risers and whooshes that defined an era of cinematic scoring. Hybrid Tools 1 features 45 bonus hybrid synths for you to add tonal elements as well as sound designs to your scoring.

Hybrid Tools Vol. 2

  • Mega-Horns and Massive Percussive Rolls
  • Psychological Signature Sounds
  • Dubstep Trailer FX, Whooshes, Risers

Think The Dark knight, Looper. The next expansion to the series, with all new sound designs like it’s Defcon hits, dubstep trailer fx and psychological signature sounds it’s perfect for adding darker elements to a track. It also expands on the elements from Volume 1 like the wooshes to give even more impact to your hybrid transitions.

Hybrid Tools Vol. 3

  • Booms, Drastic Lines, Drones, Epic Bends
  • Epic Boom Kit, Levitations, Lights
  • Hundreds of BPM Synced Groove Pulses
  • Markers, Risers, Psychological Sounds
  • Titanic Taikos, Tonals, Unisons and Wooshes

Think Transformers Age of Extinction, Edge of Tomorrow, Fury. Choose  Hybrid tools 3 if you want a more balanced set of sounds, it features a good range from Epic drones great for under-scoring all the way to massive hits with the Epic Boom Kit and features a good range of BPM -synced pulses. Its a great library to get started with hybrid scoring and contains some real hidden gems.

Hybrid Tools 4

  • Modern Cinematic Effects
  • All new kinds of Downers & Boomers
  • Echo Horns, Benders, Pass-Bys, & Accelerators
  • Bad-Ass Effects, Lightning, & Shooting Stars

We wanted to create something entirely original in all regards. All instrument categories are completely new, featuring our new signature bad-ass patches, tonally splitting separators, poetic Starfalls, modified lightning strikes, roaring spaceship pass-bys, and beautiful little sonic fireflies. Hybrid Tools 4 is somewhere between super-epic and sonic poetry.

Hybrid Tools Terminus

  • 4 Core Patches with Symmetrical FX Categories
  • Drum, Hybrid, Orchestra, & Synth
  • Cinematic Hits, Slams, & Sub-hits
  • Short & Long Risers & Falls
  • Ear Candy & Strums (Synth Category only)

Terminus contains four different types of core instrument groups: Percussive/Drums, Epic/Hybrid, Neo-Orchestral and Synth.  All four core groups each contain seven banks: Hits, Slams, Sub Hits, Short and Long Falls, and Short and Long Risers. In addition, Terminus contains an array of new instrument categories, including 4 banks of ethereal & angelic Ear Candy and 2 banks of beautiful, textural Strums.

Hybrid Tools Equinox

  • Action Grooves, Pulsing Rhythms, & 808 Rhythms
  • Giga-Horns & Bend-Basses
  • Cinematic Clocks & Hybrid Super Kits
  • Trailer-ready Hits & Impacts

The ultimate cinematic rhythm tool. Equinox includes several types of rhythm generators with the probability engine, allowing instant randomization of each layer for near-limitless rhythmic variety. Go beyond mega-horns with Equinox’s giga-horns, and hit the downbeats hard with the Super Kits, Hits, & Impacts.

Hybrid Tools Neo

  • 550 Next-Gen Cinematic Effects
  • 200 Modern Drum Kits. 200 BPM-synced Risers
  • 300 Score Elements and 200 Cinematic Beats
  • 7.000 Analog Synth Samples & 100 Vox FX

Hybrid tools NEO library combines elements of the hybrid series with EDM cinematic beats, analogue synths and modern  drum kits. This library may be a great choice if you're already a hybrid tools user looking to add some modern and EDM elements to your tracks. Similarly if you're already an EDM pro and need more tools to expand your EDM palette!

Hybrid Tools Neo II

  • Thousands of Cinematic Drums and Percussion
  • Cinematic 808’s, Power Leads, & Lo-Fi Pianos
  • Ear Candy & Textural Ambiences
  • Hybrid, Gritty, & Tick-Tock Rhythms

From multi-sampled analog drums to massive arrays of new-generation epic drums, the sound is clean and massive. We added several new banks of our highly popular Ear Candy categories, which contain extreme new sound designs, and tons of large scale and moody cinematic ambiences and deep-sampled noises.  The collection is wrapped up with a massive assortment of deep-sampled synths, 50 different lo-fi stab pianos.


  • 2 libraries: Modular Effects & Analog Synths
  • Analog Basses, Pads, Strings, Mutations,
  • Vocal Pads & Loops
  • Cybernetics, Mutations & Xperiments

Phenex comes in 2 volumes: synths and effects. The modular analog synths include a deep assortment of basses, pads, strings, and more. The modular effects include futuristic cybernetics, apocalyptic mutations, tempo-synced vocal and whisper loops, hybrid vocal pads, and Xperimental drones.

Hybrid Tools Dark Prophecy

  • Analog Synth-Based, Dark Effects
  • Evolving Textures & Analog Basses
  • Sub-Booms & Dark Pads
  • Deep-Sampled Synths

Dark Prophecy contains a wealth of synth-based signature instruments, including massive and evolving analog drone-beds, cinematic sub-booms, a wide selection of warm and soothing synth basses, myriads of musical sound designs, evolving epic textures, dark pads, and the flexibility to create your own pro-grade cinematic sound designs in a matter of seconds. The sound is major-motion picture-big, dark and beautiful. You will find light in this library, but a “dark light.” 

Hybrid Tools Eternal Darkness

  • Haunting & Disturbing Cinematic FX Inspired by 15 Eerie Songs
  • Impacts, Risers, and Drones
  • Tempo Synced Rhythms and Risers
  • Creepy Tick-Tocks & Spooky Vocal Phrases

Eternal Darkness contains hundreds of freshly designed sounds, including processed vocals, haunting risers, host synchronized patterns and pulses, and insidious impacts and boomers. Everything was created using pure acoustic recordings and further processed through a variety of analog gear, leaving you with an organic yet gritty tonal quality.

Hybrid Tools Synphony

  • Hybrid effects
  • 10 New Cinematic Effects Categories
  • Entire Symphony Orchestra Recreated with Synths
  • 100s of new Hybrid Synths, Drum Kits and Presets
  • Cinematic basses, leads and Synths

Then we have our Hybrid Synphony and Opus 1 Expansion, these libraries use synths to emulate an orchestra, making them a great addition to any orchestral libraries you may have. If you’re looking for a more synth based library to score with rather than sound designs to augment your tracks this library may be the one for you! It features hybrid versions of all the elements from a traditional orchestra from Brass, Strings and woodwinds as well as featuring more hybrid elements like Effects Mega horns and Sub-strikes.

Hybrid Tools Synphony: Opus 1 Expansion

  • Hybrid Effects
  • Cinematic Distorted Drum Kits 
  • Cinematic Bass Synths 
  • Cinematic Pianos 
  • Cinematic Spiccato Strings 
  • 10 Additional Bonus Presets

The Opus 1 expansion takes the Synphony even further with more specific articulations like Cinematic, Pianos, Spiccato Strings and introducing even more hybrid elements with Effects, Megahorns, Risers and more! It's a great addition to the original Synphony but can still be used as a standalone library. If you are used to working with orchestral samples and want to delve into adding some synth elements to your tracks give Synphony a go!