8Dio Choir Comparisons

8Dio Choir Comparisons

With our growing number of instruments we're giving even more choices and options to our customers. We are introducing the instrument comparison series to help you get the best out of our range of instruments and make sure you're choosing the right library for your compositional needs! We get a lot of requests asking for the differences in our choir libraries, so to kick things off we're starting with a comparison of our amazing choirs!


  • 65 Person Emotional Choir
  • Advanced Phrase-Sequencer
  • Extensive Syllable Arc Options
  • Dynamic Multi-Vowels
  • Triplets/Triplet Loops
  • Staccato Legato
  • Sustains and Sustain legato
  • Trills (Multiple-Tempos) and Shorts
  • 4 Hall Microphones
  • 4 Spot Microphones

Silka and Insolidus are one of the same choir with Silka expanding on the Insolidus's foundation. Both choirs are recorded using the same singers in the same hall and use the same microphone positions. This means they are designed to work together or they can operate independently as stand-alone choirs. Silka being a very large expansion to Insolidus, offering more expansions on complex Arcs such as 2, 4, and 5 syllables, as well as adds a rhythmic section including Repeated Staccato Phrases both in Straight and Triplet timings. Insolidus offers Syllable Arcs in 2, 3, and 4 syllables in both 4/4 and in 3/4 time, A wealth of velocity-based short notes, and Tonal Yells.



  • 65 Person Emotional Choir
  • Advanced Phrase-Sequencer 
  • Extensive Syllable Arc options
  • Dynamic Multi-Vowels 
  • True Legatos
  • 4 Hall Microphones
  • 4 Spot Microphones

Insolidus' smaller size and features make it great for softer choral compositions. It's softer tone and expressiveness make it perfect for adding emotional tones to any piece, check out Benjamins Squires' perfect example of this with 'In death We See'. It comes with extensive microphone options and section control. It features our new syllable arc system that offers a naturally swelling arc and the ability to control how many syllable changes (2, 3 or 4) you want in the arc. As well as a range of other syllable and articulation options, such as the as the new multi-vowels, velocity based True Legato, short notes, sustains and an advanced phrase-builder offering you the ability to create up to 64 strings of syllables. All of these features give you amazing control over the choir, making your choral writing sound even more expressive, authentic and lyrical! 


Requiem Professional

  • World-Class 37 Person Orchestral Choir
  • Full Choir (SATB), Divisi Choir (male/female) 5 solo singers
  • 24 Sustains, Staccato, Marcato with RR
  • Range of Articulations
  • Choral FX
  • 4 Microphone positions

If you want a lot of flexibility and options for your choral composing, Requiem is the choir for you! It has 3 different section types: Full Choir (SATB), Divisi Choir (male/female) and 5 solo singers. It also has a number or articulation options from slow latin sustain Variations to Ultrafast chanting as well as over 1000 FX based articulations for example claps, whispers, and Breaths! Requiem’s perfect if you’re unsure of what features you need out of a choir as it’s so versatile it can handle most things you throw at it!



  • Full 45 person children’s choir ranging from altos to extreme sopranos
  • Range of articulations
  • Multi vowels
  • Solo singers
  • Choral FX
  • 3 Microphone positions

Choose Liberis if you want that “Exquisite Angelic” sound. As well as the multi vowel system, true layered legato and phrase builder, Liberis features 3 different soloists (1 male 2 female) each with their own set of sustains and multi vowels to make your writing that more angelic. Liberis also has over 1000 FX  for example children’s songs, breath and extra consonants.  The children’s vocal are great at giving an angelic sound but with their fx and features you can easily feature them in a darker track to give an awesome creepy feel – check out ‘The Darkest Hour’ by Ian Livingstone for a great example of this.



  • Massive 200 piece choir
  • Range of core articulations
  • Choral FX
  • Multi Vowels and Expressive Arcs
  • 3 Microphone positions
  • 40 Advanced Multi-Vowels and 10 Expressive Arcs
  • Male Section w/ 70 Basses and 60 Tenors

Great for epic compositions it’s massive size, articulations (including 24 different Staccato and 11 power marcato patches) and fx options makes Lacrimosa perfect for epic trailer and film style compositions. It’s recorded with a “pyramid like structure” of  70 Basses, 60 Tenors, 40 Altos and 30 Sopranos to give your compositions that extra kick! Lacrimosa’s huge and epic sound also layers really well with our massive 240 piece orchestral library, Majestica. Check out “The Eight Wonder” By Troels Folmann which balances the two huge ensembles perfectly into a great epic track!


Studio Sopranos

  • 9 Person Soprano Choir
  • Polyphonic Phrase legato 
  • True Legato
  • Multi Vowels
  • Divisi options
  • 3 Microphone positions
  • Advanced Articulation Sequencing

Studio Sopranos was created with nine singers recorded in sections of three to give flexibility in the size of the sound. It comes with a range of articulations, legato, phrase and mic options making studio sopranos great if you want that studio Enya sound while being able to range from intimate to soaring and epic soprano vocals! It’s perfect if you want to add a choral element to your compositions without using the more operatic sound of our other choirs!  

If you are have any further questions about the instruments, please do not hesitate to contact support – support@8dio.com, where we will be able to assist with any issues that you may have. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we hope we can keep pushing great content your way.

– Team 8Dio