Century Strings

June 4th 2016:
8Dio Century Orchestral Series is about complete playability without compromising the realism of the sound. In this example we explore our Century Orchestral Strings Arcs (aka Dynamic Bowings), which are now super-easy to play and can be adjusted to host-tempo.


June 2nd 2016:
We have always believed in true musical expression in our sampling.  Century Orchestral Strings takes this concept a lot further, allowing much greater control of timing and duration of naturally expressive material.  Here’s a simple example using one of our dynamic bowings or “arcs” as we’ve come to call them.


May 20th 2016:
Century Orchestral Strings is currently in early alpha. In this example we test an initial version of our run building feature on different tempos and with two different microphone positions (Close and Decca).


December 20th 2015:
Second part of our Project Century Strings developer diary. In this video diary Colin O'Malley and Troels Folmann answers and reflects upon a variety of questions posted on our website. We wanna thank all of you for your great questions. We hope we covered most of the subjects posted and avoided too much redundancy ... and now to the hard part ... actually making it. : )))


December 19th 2015:
First part of our Project Century Strings developer diary. In this video diary Colin O'Malley and Troels Folmann answers and reflects upon a variety of questions posted on our Facebook page. The video diary will be supplemented by another one tomorrow - where questions on our Century Strings BLOG will be addressed. It's a great watch for anyone interested in orchestration, deep-sampling and generally understanding the depths of sample development.

December 17th 2015:
Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. We are currently recording the Century Strings Podcast, which will be available in a couple of days. We obviously have a lot to uncover and there are so many great ways to improve string sampling. Let's make it happen!

December 9th 2015:
Colin and I have sampled orchestral instruments for over 12 years. The learning curve has been incredibly rewarding and like everything in life - we've developed a more nuanced and finite understanding through the years. The ultimate culmination of all our efforts happened earlier this year during our Century Brass Project. We kinda had a feeling during the sessions, but surely know it now. We finally got it right. In part because of the new recording techniques we've developed. In part because of the amazing players, conductor and environment we recorded in. But also in part because of you and all the incredible feedback we received during our initial public announcement of the project.

The time has come to take the ultimate task upon us and expand our Century Series to include orchestral strings. The current generation of string products (including our own) are good, but users are having a hard time creating completely realistic mock-ups with true emotion. A part of the challenge lies in the ways things are recorded. If you have an uninspired orchestra - you get uninspired samples, which ultimately means you get an uninspired library. Another challenge lies in the fact that most orchestral products are too complicated to use and control.

We want to invite you to tell us about your experience with string products. What works? What doesn't work? What features do you love and what features would you like added? Are there certain things you can't do with your library? Is there a specific type of controls you want? We want you to participate in the what we know will be the greatest string collection ever created. We have booked the same hall we used for Century Brass for over 2 months and are preparing some really, really heavy marathon sessions. But we want your input. We want to tell us what you want and we will do our best to make it happen. The ambition with 8Dio Century Strings is to make this an open and transparent project from the start till the ending. So give us ALL your input in the comment field below or on our Facebook page and we will address all your questions in a Podcast medio December 2015.

Ps. We also have great news for all our current string owners. It's four years ago since we began the journey with our Adagio, Adagietto and Agitato series. We obviously learned a tremendous amount of things during those sessions (+60 days of consecutive recording time) and in the production of the libraries. The end-result was the creation of the most alive sounding strings on todays market. However we've also realize that all the different string volumes can seem confusing to customers, which is why we are excited to announce that we are working on consolidating our Adagio and Agitato Series into one singular volume, which will be available spring 2016.

Let's make this happen and create the best string tools for you (and us).

Sincerely, Troels & Colin