Century Brass Try-Pack for Kontakt VST-AU-AAX Samples

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Rated 5.00 out of 5 stars

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by chedly labidi (11/19/2017)
good work !


Rated 5 out of 5 stars


  • Price: None!
  • Kontakt VST / AU / AAX
  • 1.6GB (compressed to 32.3GB)
  • 1 Mixed Microphone Positions (Full Version contains 4)
  • Solo Flugel Horn Legato – Full Range
  • Dual French Horn Legato – Full Range
  • Non-Commercial Use Only License
  • Advanced Custom Century User-Interface
  • Fluent controls over Dynamics (MW), Expression and Speed
  • Product only available as Direct Download
  • Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.6 (or later) Required
  • Get Full Version HERE

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  • Century Brass Try-Pack

    Century Brass Try-Pack

  • Century Brass Solo

    Century Brass Solo

  • Century Brass Ensemble

    Century Brass Ensemble

Century Brass Try-Pack for Kontakt VST-AU-AAX Samples overview

Welcome to the Century Orchestral Brass Free Try-Pack.

We want to give everyone the opportunity to try Century Solo and Ensemble Brass and compare for themselves.

The Century Brass Try-Pack contains two, full-ranged, dynamically layered legato patches from both Century Solo Brass and Century Ensemble Brass. We’ve included the Solo Flugel Horn from Century Solo Brass – and the Dual French Horns from Century Ensemble Brass. Each of them shows different sides to the collections. The Flugel Horn in all its elegance and emotion. The Dual Horns with a powerful range from piano to fortissimo.

Century Orchestral Series is produced by long-time Academy Award, Emmy Nominated, T.E.C and G.A.N.G Award-winning producers, Colin O’Malley and Troels Folmann. This series is a true state-of-the-art collection of ultra-realistic instruments and represents the largest leap we’ve ever taken into new-generation, expressive deep-sampling.

Important note: The Free Century Brass Try-Pack is for non-commercial use only. The Try-Pack features one microphone position (mixed) and multi-dynamic layered legato for Flugel Horn and Dual Horns. The Try-Pack is designed and built in our advanced Century user-interface. Offering you a vast array of different options to truly express yourself.

8Dio Century Brass Series is the culmination of decades of sampling and took over three years to produce. Pushing the boundaries of emotional and musical sampling. We hope the Try-Pack will inspire you to explore the rest of the Century Orchestral collection.

True Brass. True Emotion

The heart of Century Brass is its hyper-realistic sound, playability and emotion. Every instrument has a unique character and wide dynamic profile. You can easily weave in and out of dynamics. From the softest whisper to the loudest thunder. Century Brass comes with our custom built-in browser system. The browser offers you access to every articulation with one click (Limited to Legato within the Free Try Pack). But perhaps most importantly it all just works. This is why Century Brass took 3 years to complete. No stones unturned. No expense spared.

Dynamic Legato. Seamless Expression

Century Brass sets a new standard for legato sampling. Casting sessions were held and we hand-picked the best brass players from across Europe – not just a singular country. We created new sampling techniques – allowing us to record the instruments more dynamically. The end-result offers you the ability to freely move between dynamics. The sound is truly authentic, dynamic and lyrical. All the instruments have personality. Designed to move you. Designed to move your audience. Infused with personality, offering you effortless Playability.

Short Note Abundance

The full version of Century Brass contains an incredibly advanced set of dynamic short-notes. Gone are the days of just staccato, marcato and sustains. We even divided the short notes into different categories. Maybe you want you soaring marcato trumpets with slight vibrato? Maybe you want double- or triple tongue for some Williams inspired action. Perhaps you want speed control over those? Or could it be something more gentle? Pastoral, noble and soft short notes. And did we mention speed control? I believe we did.

*The Free Try Pack is limited to the Legato articulation.

4 Microphone Arrays

The full version of Century has got you covered. 4 arrays of pristine microphone positions offer you any angle you want. Perhaps you just want an easy, sweet-spot mix of all microphones? Maybe you desire the much more intimate and delicate sound of the close mics? Maybe you have a 5.1 mix or perhaps a classical mix? Well, Century has both Decca and Wide/Far microphone arrays. Everything offered in a singular, easy, but advanced environment. Instant access to all 4 microphone arrays. All a click away.

*The Free Try Pack is limited to the Mix Perspective

Core Articulations:

  • Century Solo Brass – Solo Flugel Horn Legato (Multi-Layered Dynamics)
  • Century Ensemble Brass – Dual French Horn Legato (Multi-Layered Dynamics)
  • For further articulations please see full version HERE
  • Recorded at 24 Bit – 96 kHz (Downsampled to 48 Khz) at our custom scoring stage in Europe
  • Mixed Microphone Perspective
  • For further microphone arrays please see full version HERE
  • Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.6 or later required
  • Kontakt 5 is 32 and 64-bit compatible on both PC and Mac platforms
  • Century Brass Try Pack requires 1.6 GB of hard drive space
  • Runs as a stand-alone application, VST® or Audio Units plug-in, AAX® under Pro Tools
  • Minimum: 4 GB RAM. 8 GB of RAM or more is highly recommended