Support Articles


A short walkthrough on how to download libraries. Either use our download tool or perform a manual download of your chosen product!

A guide to the different ways to load our libraries into kontakt as they don’t appear in the library tab of kontakt! 

We have updated many of our older legacy instruments to be in more in line with our new releases. This article shows you how to get your free or discounted upgrade!

The problem with having such advanced and large libraries is the load times! Here’s a few tips on how to load your libraries faster so you can spend less times waiting and more time composing!

How to fix a common error from moving sample libraries or incomplete installs!

A more in depth explanation of one of the trickier parts of the manual install of our libraries!

A look into one kontakt’s more advanced features – output routing!

10 great tips for kontakt, great for beginners and advanced users looking for new tricks!