SCORE THIS: Constellations

We want to thank everyone who entered the Score This: Constellations competition. With almost 300 entries, we loved seeing so many different interpretations of the video, and by so many talented composers.

With so many entries of different styles and original ideas of what space sounded like to them, it was very challenging to choose a winner. We listened to every single song intently and decided on the winner unanimously.

Congratulations to Jordain Wallace with his winning submission: “Accretion.”

“Elegant and soft opening – It’s cool how Jordain is timing melodic elements to the picture.  The track tells a story, and the story serves the picture.  It is a good example of balanced scoring – where the composer truly supports the visual experience, and in return, you get a rich and beautiful experience. Jordain has a natural eye, ear and talent for truly timing the music to picture.  A precious gift.”


With the huge success and popularity of the first two ‘Score This’ Contests, we are very excited to announce our third scoring contest: ‘Constellations’. A new scoring contest featuring Supercluster! 


Supercluster is inspired by the stars, the planets and all things astronomical. We want the library to inspire you in the same way the wonders of the universe inspired us when creating it.


The rules of this contest are simple: Score the featured video with music featuring Supercluster.


No track or library limit, it only needs to include some of the wondrous space sounds from Supercluster – the rest is up to you! We want this contest to be unlimited like the depths of space. 


  • Download the video from the link below. (Click the three dot icon and then download)
  • Score the entire video with music featuring Supercluster. 
  • Upload the entire unedited video to YouTube with the title “8Dio Score This: Constellations – [Your Name] – [Song Title]”. 
  • List the 8Dio Libraries used and the Supercluster Patch/Articulations used.
  • You can use as many tracks and 8Dio libraries as you wish but it must feature Supercluster! (Only 8Dio libraries may be used in the contest)
  • You can ALSO use real instruments (ex. guitar) on the track and/or synths.  
  • Please send a youtube link to your uploaded video to with the subject as Score This Constellation [Your Name].
  • Only 1 submission per participant
  • Entry Closing Date – Closed
  • The winner will receive three 8dio instruments of their choice! (Prophet series not included) 
    You can use as many tracks and 8Dio libraries as you wish but it must feature Supercluster!

Thanks for all those who participated – entries are now closed.

  • Tristan Vaillancourt


  • LD

    Thanks for another crack it! 😉

  • Great opportunity to discover this library and to enter the contest. Great job 8dio

  • Thank you for this contest, but I do have one question: Can we use non-8Dio libraries for this? The only 8Dio library I have is now Supercluster. Thanks again!

    • samaranth

      Would be interesting not only if we can use non-8Dio libraries but also if we can use synths like Serum, Sylenth, etc. and samples?

      • 8Dio Productions LLC

        You can use synths like Serum and Sylenth. We just ask that traditional sampled libraries come from 8Dio. Its gonna be too confusing otherwise.

    • Chris Iskandar

      i would love to use other libs aswell, but i don’t think 8dio will allow it. after all it is also some good advertisement. 🙂

      • I thought this as well and it makes sense. Nonetheless, I have no regrets in purchasing Supercluster – It sounds amazing! 🙂

      • 8Dio Productions LLC

        You can use any/all 8Dio libraries. You can use real instruments and VST synths. We just ask that traditional sampled instruments come from 8Dio.

    • Nicault Stephane

      On instruments sections you have some free try packs.

    • samaranth

      Just talked to the customer support. This was the answer: “The sounds must be from 8dio libraries but you can use as many as you wish.”

      So, no 3rd party libraries, VSTs/synths or samples. Everything else is up to us it seems ^^

      • Thank you, samaranth! That was my final assumption but your post now clarifies it. 🙂 So I’m out of this contest, but I wish you all well! Best, Shan 🙂

      • Chris Rollason

        So I can’t even add my own ambient guitar? That is disappointing.

        • 8Dio Productions LLC

          You can – we just updated the specs. Valid point.

      • 8Dio Productions LLC

        Good point – we just updated it, so you CAN use VST synths and real instruments, but traditional sampled instruments must come from 8Dio. We want you guys to be free.

        • David Zwisohn

          my apologies for double checking … does traditional sampled instruments include EVERY possible “natural” or man made physical instrument? Say for example I wanted to use an ethnic flute that’s NOT in your catalog, like a Shakuhachi, Ocarina. Or sampled or synthetic textures, drones, synth based efx, etc?

        • Stephan Vandenborn

          at this point i guess i’ll just send you the cpr file allong when finished 🙂

          • 8Dio Productions LLC

            Hahaha! Make a video showing it maybe?!

    • Kristján Jón Sveinbjörnsson

      They say here above: You can use as many tracks and 8Dio libraries as you wish but it must feature Supercluster! (Only 8Dio libraries may be used in the contest)

      • 8Dio Productions LLC

        And real instruments + VST synths.

        • Kristján Jón Sveinbjörnsson


          • 8Dio Productions LLC

            We want everyone to have a good time – and we are not big on rules!

    • 8Dio Productions LLC

      You can use any/all 8Dio libraries you want. You can use real instruments (ex. real guitar, real piano etc). You can use synths and anything non-sample based. We are not big on too many rules.

  • Peter Satera

    Fantastic! Love the sound of this library! Gorgeous!!

  • Quetzal Marchiori

    Can we use real instruments?

    • Chris Rollason

      Seems a shame not to be able to put a more personal stamp on the track. If I do this, I might end up with a version with my guitar and another without for the competition.

      • Quetzal Marchiori

        Exactly my thought!!!

      • 8Dio Productions LLC

        Totally agree – and for that reason we are gonna allow this! So go for it!

    • 8Dio Productions LLC

      Yes you can. Would be sad not to allow this!

      • Quetzal Marchiori

        Fantastic news!!! You are a great company! Bravo!!!
        You make my day! Thank you for all.

        • 8Dio Productions LLC

          Lets make it easy!

  • Kristján Jón Sveinbjörnsson

    Very exciting, love the new Supercluster!

  • Kristján Jón Sveinbjörnsson

    You (8DIO) are giving us the format M4V File (.m4v) download videofile but it is not supported by Cubase for example, can you have more options on this or should I just convert it and in what format is it required in the contest?

    • Jon Fryett

      Do Yyu have the VLC player installed on your system? I had the same problem until I downloaded that. Now it works like a charm in my DAW.

    • Ariel Yznardo

      If that doesn’t work, try importing the video on Cubase and in the format drop menu, instead of selecting (All Types: mov, mp4…) Select “Any Type” and it’ll show up.

      • Kristján Jón Sveinbjörnsson

        Thanks you but I have solved this with my video editor program, added the file into it and exported it with the proper settings, smooth and working well.

  • Serge Smulders

    I’ve made my entry this weekend and posted it:
    All libraries were allowed. But now I see your updated rules. I only used the piano/synth in addition to your libs.
    Is my entry allowed?

    • Nicault Stephane


      • Serge Smulders


  • Peter Freund

    As far as the free libraries that you can win, can we choose from library “bundles”, as well, as single instruments?

  • Doug Fischer

    Can you use Omnisphere?

  • david stoddard

    A quick (probably silly) question–checking my mix and much of the low frequencies that are apparent in my studio are lost when played through computer speakers–are submissions listed to in a studio environment?

    • 8Dio Productions LLC

      Oh yes!

      • david stoddard

        Thank you!

  • David M.B.

    Hello, and thanks for this great opportunity. I’m curious, by “3 8dio instruments of their choice,” does that include bundles? Like, could the winner win one of the Century bundles if they so chose? Or does it just apply to single instruments? Thanks again.

  • Elite Music

    Can the winner choose any bundle as 1 of their 3 prizes, or does it have to be only singular items??

  • Here’s what I submitted to the contest email.
    I only used 8Dio libraries in this manner:
    — 11 tracks of Supercluster for melody/theme and texture.
    — The melody/theme is layered with Liberis
    — Hit and risers come from Terminus, Synphony, and Dark Prophecy.

  • Alex Tee

    Libraries used:

    1. Supercluster – Interstellar
    2. Supercluster – Outerspace 2
    3. Supercluster – Comets
    4. Supercluster – Solar System 2
    5. Adagietto – Violin Sustain
    6. Adagietto – Cello Solo
    7. Adagietto – Bass Sustain
    8. Adagietto – Cello, Violas, Violin Spiccato
    9. The New 1969 Piano
    10. The New Hybrid Rhythms
    11. The New Epic Tom Ensemble
    12. CAGE – Horn Longs

  • Александр Строганов

    Hi, 8Dio Team!

    Thank you for amazing production! This my nomination to your contest:

    Libraries used:

    – 8Dio Supercluster

    – 8Dio Blendstrument Strange Pulses

    – 8Dio Blendstrument Motion Textures

    – 8Dio The New Epic Dhol Ensemble

    – 8Dio The New Epic Frame Drum Ensemble

    – 8Dio Supercluster Patches:

    Solar System 1 – Iapetus

    Solar System 1 – Dysnomia

    Solar System 1 – Bow Shock

    Solar System 1 – NIX

    Solar System 1 – Mercury

    Solar System 1 – Hyperion

    Solar System 1 – Cryo Vulkan

    Solar System 1 – Atmosphere

    Outer Space 1 – Pulsar

    Outer Space 1 – Helium Emission

    Outer Space 1 – Galaxy Core

    Outer Space 1 – Gamma Rays

    Outer Space 1 – Neutron Star

    Outer Space 1 – Dust

    Outer Space 1 – Magellanic Clouds

    Outer Space 1 – Prominence

    Outer Space 1 – ISS

    Outer Space 1 – Atlas

    Outer Space 1 – Nebula

    Outer Space 1 – Gravity

    Extincted Worlds – Solar Wind

    Warping Matter – Amalthea

  • ElRobboz

    I wish people would stop submitting their entries on these discussion platforms…not good form, peoples.

  • Viktor Gs

    Can we use the free 8DIO try packs? 😀

    • 8Dio Productions LLC


  • Edison Duran

    Hi 8Dio lovers, this is my contribution with this wonderful library.

    Supercluster Patch/Articulations used:

    – 8DIO Supercluster – Solar System 1 (Atmosphere, Dysnomia, Heliopause)
    – 8DIO Supercluster – Solar System 1 (Mercury, Bow Shock, Enceladus, Hydra)
    – 8DIO Supercluster – Universe TMPro (Dust)
    – 8DIO Supercluster – Outer Space 2 (Transmission, Apophis, Gravity Lens)
    – 8DIO Supercluster – Outer Space 2 (The Great GRB Wall, Andromeda, Orbits)
    – 8DIO Supercluster – Outer Space 2 (Intertellar, Twin Jet, CMRB)
    – 8DIO Supercluster – Solar System 2 (Mars, Phobos, Earth From Mars, Haumea)

    8Dio libraries used:

    8Dio Anthology
    8DIO Majestica
    V8P Drum Machine Ensemble v1
    V8P Electric Guitar Ensemble
    V8P Real Drum Kit Ensemble
    8Dio Hybrid Tools NEO
    8DIO Rhythmic Aura Vol 1
    8DIO Rhythmic Aura Vol 2
    8Dio Hybrid Tools 4
    8Dio Supercluster v1

  • Berend Holtland

    Good luck everyone! And thanks 8Dio for this contest. Here’s mine 🙂

  • Berend Holtland

    Good luck everyone! And thanks 8Dio for this contest. Here’s mine 🙂

  • Jordan Danish

    Just to clarify the terminology used:
    “real instruments (ex. guitar)”

    Does this mean “excluding guitar” or “example: guitar”

    With kind regards,

  • Juan Carlos Garcia

    Hi. Thank you for this contest. This is my contribution with this inspiring library of SUPERCLUSTER:

    Youtube Link:

    Supercluster Patch/Articulations used:

    – 8DIO Supercluster – Outer Space 1 (Amalthea, Ariel, Dark Neutrino)
    – 8DIO Supercluster – Solar System 1 (Atmosphere, Cryo Vulcan, Titan)
    – 8DIO Supercluster – Universe TMPro (Radiation)

    8DIO libraries used:

    8DIO 1969 Steinway Legacy Grand Piano
    8DIO Claire Alto Flute Virtuoso
    8DIO Insolidus Choir
    8DIO Adagietto
    8DIO Adagio Violins
    8DIO Adagio Violas
    8DIO New Rhythmic Aura 1
    8DIO New Rhythmic Aura 2
    8DIO Aura Guitars
    8DIO New Epic Room Percussion

    Thank you for creating such amazing libraries,

    Best from the Canary Islands,
    Juan Carlos Garcia

  • KS Chan

    Is it possible to ask my friend to sing a few melodic lines and use it as a vocal track in my music?

  • David Lindberg

    Can I edit the video? Make it a little longer and maybe add some other shots?

  • Ugo Di Piazza

    Hello, can we use Mastering software to export the track? (like ozone)
    thank you

  • Max Berghaus

    My musical thoughts of being alone in space…in reference to the 8DIO – contest. Using Supercluster only and at the end Insolidus.
    “8Dio Score This- Constellations – Max Berghaus – Purity“

  • Goran Setitus

    Everyone seems to post their contributions here, so I figured I would as well 😉
    Thank you, 8Dio, for the opportunity 🙂

    Enjoy! 🙂

    • ElRobboz

      Not everyone, Goran. You don’t don’t need to join this bandwagon…

  • Geraldo Côrtes

    Here is my entry. Sample libraries and instruments used in the video description. All are from 8Dio. Hope you like it. 🙂

  • Geraldo Côrtes

    Here is my entry. Sample libraries and instruments used in the video description. All are from 8Dio. Hope you like it. 🙂

  • Stop posting the videos on the discussion forum. Not what it’s for. People can’t read rules now-a-days I swear this internet generation can’t pay attention.

    Question : May I use East-West Piano and Symphony libraries or are those considered “sample” libraries. It feels like a dumb question, but I have to ask.

    • Peter Satera

      Hi Brad. I don’t see anyone replying to you so I thought I’d jump in. They’ll most likely be regarded as Sample LIbraries as they sample real instruments. You may wish to avoid them to make sure your entry is eligible. 🙂

      All the best!

  • Michalis Prizas Froudarakis

    HELP! the download link is broken!! 🙁

  • Marek Kuczynski

    I used the following 8 Dio libraries:

    Supercluster – Nebula Pulse
    – Across The Galaxy
    – A Creepy Star
    – Universe DFD
    – Outer Space 2
    Ambient Guitar – Phrases Lo
    Bazantar – Phrazes I
    Silka – 5 Syllable Soft Arc
    Hybrid Synphony – Effects Gated Sync
    Hybrid Tools 3 – Booms 01
    Hybrid Tools 2 – Hits & Stingers
    Anthology – Ensemble
    Adagio Violins vol.1 – Ens Dynamic Boving v1
    The New Copperphone

    Enjoy ! 🙂

  • Garry Becker

    Wishing Everyone Good Luck On this Contest. Gosh we’re a Big Bunch 🙂
    Wishing The Team Judges at 8Dio ” Bon Courage ” 😛 You’re Gonna need a Lot of Coffee 😛
    And Paradoxically, Judges, Please Don’t Drift Into Space When listening… You could ruin someone’s chances … he He 😛
    Good Luck To All

  • Peter Freund

    Do you we submit the Video/music here or by email or both??

    • ElRobboz

      I think the answer you seek lies in the Submission Rules outlined above, Peter.

  • Peter Freund

    1. Does the Youtube video have to be a public video or can it be unlisted?
    2. Do we still own the rights to our own music (to use elsewhere) even if it wins the competition?

  • Stephan de Wit

    Hi Here is mine
    I used 10 Instances od Supercluster, 1 guitar and 1 synth sound.

  • Xenontix Ady

    Thank you for the opportunity. Really liked the clips.

    I am Kasyap Kanakapuri a composer from India. I Specialise in Soundtracks and Trailer Music.

    Here is the Youtube Link :

    Here is Google Drive Link to the Audio :

    Hope you like it 🙂

    Here are the Instruments used :

    8Dio Supercluster –
    1. Outer Space 1 – Prominence
    2. Outer Space 1 – Magellanic Clouds
    3. Outer Space 1 – Star Forming
    4. Outer Space 1 – Southern Owl

    Other 8Dio Libraries Used :-

    8Dio – Lacrimosa Epic Choir

    8Dio – Hybrid Tools 3

    8Dio – 1928 Steinway Legacy Scoring Piano

    8Dio – Anthology Strings

    8Dio – Agitato Grandiose Ensemble Violins

    8Dio – Agitato Sordino Strings

    8Dio – CAGE Brass

    Other VST Synths used :-

    Omnisphere & Serum

    Hope you all liked it 🙂

  • Alexander Ilyin

    My version. Only 8Dio Supercluster library is used: 14 tracks, 12 patches.
    Good luck to everyone and thanks 8Dio for the contest!

  • YogiFish

    This feels like the Academy Awards.. There are a lot of great entries.

    • ElRobboz

      I have to agree with you, YogiFish — the stunning diversity of interpretation is impressive, indeed!

  • MDM

    hi everyone ,
    here what I submitted to the contest
    good luck to all good luck to all participants:

  • Jean-Samuel Pelletier

    Here’s the entry I submitted, which features the Epic Taiko Ensemble! Enjoy:

  • Jean-Samuel Pelletier

    Here’s the entry I submitted, which features the Epic Taiko Ensemble! Enjoy:

  • Jean Christophe


    Good Luck for Everyone, Supercluster is Amazing and I would to play more on.
    This is my deep contribution :

  • Vladan Mijatovic

    Hello guys, here is my take on it. I hope you like it.
    Best regards to everyone…

    Author: Vladan Mijatovic

  • Joshua Watson

    Here’s my entry and thank you 8dio for hosting these Contest.

  • Shazerthor

    My submission before the competition ends.
    Made only using Supercluster because i don’t have any other 8dio libraries.

  • This is my entry- ‘Cosmos’

    for the 8DIO Score this: Constellations contest.

    The 8DIO Instruments used in this piece were:
    SuperCluster: Outer Space 1
    Dark Prophecy: Divination TMPRO
    SuperCluster: Extincted Worlds
    Symphonic Shadows: Strings (Bonus Longs DFD)
    Dark Prophecy: Beyond the Void

  • Florent Ainardi
  • Peter Freund
  • Manuel Parrilla

    Hi all. This is my contribution. Thanks to the 8dio team for these contests.

  • Stephan Vandenborn

    I just submitted mine last week. If you look on youtube, there’s literally hundreds of entries. 8dio is going to have their work cut out for them to selecet 1 winner

  • Eric Joshua Empyre

    There’s a lot of talented people out there! Such amazing entries! Here’s mine 🙂

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  • Florent Ainardi

    now we are to listen to all composition and waiting for the winner announce 🙂

  • Any word on the contest winners?

  • Stephen Downs

    As per the rule:
    “You can ALSO use real instruments (ex. guitar) on the track and/or synths.”
    I thought synths had to be real hardware synths not software synths such Massive or Serum.

    • YogiFish

      I’m a bit disappointed in the judging on this one myself. I though we had to use 8Dio instruments to feature their software? Part of the main challenge was to work with in those creative boundaries.

      Maybe Native Instruments or Serum are a part of 8Dio now. I guess I missed that announcement 😀

      Congratulations Jordan.

      • Stephen Downs

        So,that’s what they did with the income from all the (Lucky for Us) flash sales! 😁

  • Chris Iskandar

    any word on runner ups?

  • ElRobboz

    Thank you, 8dio, for staging these interesting and inspiring contests. It’s been fun :o)
    I don’t envy your position in having to make a final decision from so many…
    Congratulations to Jordain, and all participants, who had an opportunity pit their skills, showcase their talents and feel a part of a large and diverse musical community.
    …looking forward to the next one!? :o)

  • Sergio Simoes

    I hate to say this and I apologize greatly if I’m being dumb but… if the Youtube Analytics is correct no one from 8Dio ever watched my submission.

  • Sergio Simoes

    I hate to say this and I apologize greatly if I’m being dumb but… if the Youtube analytics is correct no one from 8Dio ever watched my submission.