SCORE THIS: Constellations

We want to thank everyone who entered the Score This: Constellations competition. With almost 300 entries, we loved seeing so many different interpretations of the video, and by so many talented composers.

With so many entries of different styles and original ideas of what space sounded like to them, it was very challenging to choose a winner. We listened to every single song intently and decided on the winner unanimously.

Congratulations to Jordain Wallace with his winning submission: “Accretion.”

“Elegant and soft opening – It’s cool how Jordain is timing melodic elements to the picture.  The track tells a story, and the story serves the picture.  It is a good example of balanced scoring – where the composer truly supports the visual experience, and in return, you get a rich and beautiful experience. Jordain has a natural eye, ear and talent for truly timing the music to picture.  A precious gift.”


With the huge success and popularity of the first two ‘Score This’ Contests, we are very excited to announce our third scoring contest: ‘Constellations’. A new scoring contest featuring Supercluster! 


Supercluster is inspired by the stars, the planets and all things astronomical. We want the library to inspire you in the same way the wonders of the universe inspired us when creating it.


The rules of this contest are simple: Score the featured video with music featuring Supercluster.


No track or library limit, it only needs to include some of the wondrous space sounds from Supercluster – the rest is up to you! We want this contest to be unlimited like the depths of space. 


  • Download the video from the link below. (Click the three dot icon and then download)
  • Score the entire video with music featuring Supercluster. 
  • Upload the entire unedited video to YouTube with the title “8Dio Score This: Constellations – [Your Name] – [Song Title]”. 
  • List the 8Dio Libraries used and the Supercluster Patch/Articulations used.
  • You can use as many tracks and 8Dio libraries as you wish but it must feature Supercluster! (Only 8Dio libraries may be used in the contest)
  • You can ALSO use real instruments (ex. guitar) on the track and/or synths.  
  • Please send a youtube link to your uploaded video to with the subject as Score This Constellation [Your Name].
  • Only 1 submission per participant
  • Entry Closing Date – Closed
  • The winner will receive three 8dio instruments of their choice! (Prophet series not included) 
    You can use as many tracks and 8Dio libraries as you wish but it must feature Supercluster!

Thanks for all those who participated – entries are now closed.