Product Updates

8Dio is committed to upgrading our products, so they match the most current standards. Please review below and ensure you purchased the product AFTER the update date. If you are not sure – just login to your account and redownload the product(s).

The list below contains all our latest updates  (in chronological order):

•   Liberis Angelic Choir 2.0 (release: January 2017)
•   Anthology Strings (release: December 2016)
•   The New Ambient Guitar (release: October 2016)
•   The New Epic Dhol Ensemble (Aka Epic Dhol Ensemble) (release: September 2016)
•   The New Solo Framedrum (Aka Solo Framedrum) Version 2.0 (release: June 17th 2016)
•   The New Epic Framedrum Ensemble (Aka Framedrum Ensemble) Version 2.0 (release: May 6th 2016)
•   The New Solo Taiko Drums (Aka Solo Taikos) Version 2.0 (release April 20th 2016)
•   The New Epic Taiko Ensemble (aka Epic Taiko Ensemble) Version 2.0 (release March 24th 2016)
•   Solo Violin Designer (aka Studio Solo Violin) Version 2.0 (release: February 13th 2015)
•   Adagio Violins. Version 1.6 (release: December 13th 2013)
•   Adagio Cellos. Version 1.6 (release: December 15th 2013)
•   New Alien Drum. Version 1.5 (release: June 13th 2013)
•   Requiem Professional. Version 1.1 (release: October 24th 2012)
•   Adagio Violins. Version 1.1 (release: August 28th 2012)
•   Songwriting Guitar. Version 2.0 (release: February 15th 2012)

Further Product Updates:

All product updates are e-mailed directly upon release, as well as available to download via your account. For any further queries please do not hesitate to contact our dedicate support team at